Chatroulette Becomes Victim to 'Last Exorcism' Viral! - Bloody Disgusting
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Chatroulette Becomes Victim to ‘Last Exorcism’ Viral!



Bloody Disgusting reader ‘Dre Skull’ just tipped us off to a new viral marketing campaign taking the web by storm. It looks as if Lionsgate has tapped into Chatroulette with hopes of freaking out bored teens hoping to stumble across some nudity. Instead, a lucky few will bare witness to one of the following creepy ass clips that tease The Last Exorcism. Thumbs up to Lionsgate for coming up with a great (seriously, this is brilliant) new way of spreading the word! In theaters August 27, after a career spent helping the devout through prayer and trickery, Reverend Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) invites a film crew to document his final fraudulent days as an exorcist. Soon his faith is truly tested when a desperate plea from the father of a possessed girl (Ashley Bell) brings him face to face with the devil himself.


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