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Zombies, Explosions, and Alice Swinging Through the Air in Second ‘Afterlife’ Clip!

Based on the first two clips from Sony Screen Gems’ Resident Evil: Afterlife, I’m going to go out on a limb as say that the movie looks like one giant music video — all score, tons of action and no dialogue. If I hadn’t seen the first three films, I might not be excited for Paul W.S. Anderson’s 3-D sequel, but as that I have, I think it looks just about as good as I expect it to be. The new clip featured inside takes you alongside Alice (Milla Jovovich) as she runs, jumps and swings away from a massive zombie horde, which is blown to bits by a ginormous explosion. Looks like mind-numbing 3-D fun to me. I guess we’ll find out on September 10.

Resident Evil: Afterlife Exclusive Clip

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