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Red Band Clip Promises ‘Machete’ Can “Shoot the Pecker Off a Mosquito”

Over the past few weeks we’ve been busting Twentieth Century Fox’s chops in regards to clip choices for their upcoming September 3rd release of Machete, the Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis directed feature version of Rodriguez’s Grindhouse trailer. Up until this morning, we’ve seen exposition heavy clips where Machete (Danny Trejo) eats an omelet, one where Luz (Michelle Rodriguez) cracks an egg under Machete’s bed, and then another where Sartana (Jessica Alba) orders a taco from Luz. Yeah, there’s a lot of food being eaten. Anyhoo, Fox responded in an epic way: with two pretty fun red band clips (this one being the bloodiest). Now inside you’ll find our exclusive clip that takes us deep into a conversation between Booth (Jeff Fahey) and Machete about a gun that can “Shoot the pecker off a mosquito.” I hate mosquitoes as well. It’s a fine piece of artillery, yet a machete works just as well… Dig on it below!
Check out all of the clips here:



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