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TV: Thomas Jane Campaigns For Role on ‘The Walking Dead’

NBC is reporting that Frank Darabont fav Thomas Jane could be making an appearance in AMC’s The Walking Dead, their hour-long television series that kicks off this Halloween night. Jane tells NBC that he’s angling for a spot on “The Walking Dead” in whatever capacity. “That show is going to be a a big f—– hit,” he told us at the HBO post-Emmy party. “I’ve seen it and is fan-f—- tactic.” He continues, “I’m going to come on and do a guest thing…Maybe play a bad guy.” Jane says he’ll insist on being human in the guest role, however. He’ll slay the undead, but he won’t play one. “I’m not going to be a zombie,” he says. “That’s too much make up.” The odds of this are quite likely as Jane and Darabont are long-time friends. They previously worked together on The Mist.



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