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Fans Pick Celebrity Death in ‘Piranha 3D: The Sequel’

Although there are no actual details yet, the New York Post is reporting that Dimension Films will soon be asking fans of Piranha 3D to vote on what celebrity death they’d like to see in the fishy sequel. In the Alex Aja-directed killer piranha movie, Jerry O’Connell played a Joe Francis-like character who had his manhood chomped off and burped up by one of the critters. Suits at the Weinstein Company are expecting plenty of votes for the folks from “Jersey Shore” and the “Real Housewives,” which equal about a dozen new ways to cheese-up the sequel. If you could choose a celebrity to meet their fate, who would you pick? Personally, I’d rather see an actor or actress I admire take on the role, but that’s just me…



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