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Official Spanish Poster, Hi-Res Image Gallery for ‘The Possession of Emma Evans’

Exorcism movies are the new “cool” in Hollywood, especially after the recent success of Lionsgate’s The Last Exorcism. While Filmax is no stranger to the subgenre (REC 2), they do have a new haunting movie in the works. We were supplied with over 30 images and the official Spanish poster from The Possession of Emma Evans (formerly Exorcismus), which Filmax will release in Spain this coming December. The film will explore the popular horror theme of exorcism, focusing on a young girl, Emma, whose erratic behavior forces her family to bring in a priest to try and resolve the problem through hypnosis. The disturbing results are recorded on a secret camera.
Check out the massive image gallery:

The Possession of Emma Evans

The Possession of Emma Evans

The Possession of Emma Evans



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