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TIFF ’10 Review: ‘Let Me In’ Nabs a Perfect Score.



My finger is already itching to respond to the purists of the world, but I assure you that Hammer Films has returned in a major way with Overture Films’ Let Me In, the Matt Reeves-directed remake of the Swedish adaptation from 2009. Yes, it’s a remake. Yes, both films are equally good (very important to note). And yes, they’re both completely different in tone. While the film opens in theaters on October 1, we caught a screening at the Toronto International Film Festival. Here’s a taste of perfection (and what I believe to be my first perfect score review in a few years): “Ultimately, if the Swedish version is near perfection, Matt Reeves’s version achieves complete supremacy. Masterpiece is an overused word, but it’s hard to think of another so powerful. Let Me In is the new standard for vampire movies.” Big words, eh? Click the title for the full review and return opening weekend to write your own. I’m sure we’re going to have quite a debate.
Romantic? Not so fast…

Let Me In


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