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Teaser Trailer for ‘VIViD

This morning we scored the first official teaser for Brandon Slagle’s VIViD, which stars Rachel Grubb, Keith Kraft, Devanny Pinn, Deneen Melody, Katrina Cheri, Tara Cardinal, Bianca Barnett, and Brandon Slagle.

It’s got some scenes of torture, a bit of gore, but mostly it’s an exercise in utilizing slow motion.

A group of individuals selected due to various neurosis are unwillingly brought into an experiment by a murderous sociopath who believes he has committed all atrocity he can on this plane of existence, and that the next step is to mentally step into the body of other people and live out their lives and fantasies – literally experiencing what it is like to be another person – both in life and at the brink and ultimately finality of death…



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