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Watch 16 Minutes of ‘In Memorium’ on Halloween!

After 5 years in limbo, Amanda Gusack’s In Memorium is picking up some serious steam off the heels of Paranormal Activity‘s monster success. To build some fresh awareness, the first 16 minutes of In Memorium will be streamed all day this Halloween at the official site. You can read all about it inside, and also take a peak at the brand spanking new trailer! I can’t wait to see this.
Upon PARANORMAL ACTIVITY’S release in 2009, whispers on internet message boards birthed comparisons to an earlier docu-horror–a 2005 microbudget film, entitled IN MEMORIUM. John Cooper of atomicpopcorn described it as a, “creepy horror film with great jump scares, standing toe-to-toe with Paranormal Activity and knocking that film off its feet.”

Inspired by THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and THE RING, IN MEMORIUM centers on a struggling filmmaker who rents a house with his girlfriend to document his final days after a diagnosis of terminal cancer. To capture their lives without invasion, he installs motion-triggered security cameras in every room. But an invasion of a different sort is captured on the footage–an inexplicable presence in the house. Immediately after the discovery, things get terrifying.

Despite several successful festival screenings (including a world premiere at the Hamptons International Film Festival) and critical reception, the filmmaker and producers couldn’t find an offer for the film that would cover their selling costs. So, they opted to shelve it, deciding to hedge their bets and wait for another opportunity.

Now, with the expanding landscape of distribution options, and fans still asking to see the “other” docu-horror, the filmmaker will release IN MEMORIUM independently in the fall of 2010. It will premiere as a paid 30-day-rental stream on INDIEFLIX. The date and details will be announced on Halloween on, when, for the first time outside of festivals, the opening 16 minutes of IN MEMORIUM will stream all day for free.

If the response to the INDIEFLIX streaming release is strong enough, the filmmaker plans to expand the film’s availability to additional outlets and media, including a DVD authored specifically for fans.

If anyone wonders: Can a no-budget docu-horror without the driving force of a studio behind it be any good?

Find out for yourself.

Go to all day on Halloween to watch the first 16 minutes free.

Written and Directed by Amanda Gusack, Produced by Lydia Cedrone and Meredith Freeman, Starring Erik McDowell, Johanna Watts, Levi Powell, and Mary Portser.



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