AFM '10: Teaser Trailer for 'It Was a Black '67' - Bloody Disgusting
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AFM ’10: Teaser Trailer for ‘It Was a Black ’67’



Starring Friday the 13th‘s Arlen Escarpeta is Cody Marion’s thriller It Was a Black ’67, which is for sale at this week’s AFM. Inside you’ll find the official trailer while you can also become a fan on Facebook.

Robert and Jack Mintz haven’t seen one another in years. The two brothers grew apart as they aged, each establishing his own career; each entering marriage; each raising a family. When Jack reaches out to Robert for one final attempt at bonding-more for their children’s sake than their own-Robert reluctantly agrees.

The plan: summer vacation, spent at the Grand Canyon.

The two families meet halfway en route, crossing into the small, strange, rustic town of Halberry and stopping for rest at the nearest motel. They check in, unpack, and prepare for the following day. The trip is ideal. And it is here that it ends.

Before nightfall, a truly horrifying event will present itself, the aftermath of which leaving the families shocked, distraught, and in a desperate search for answers.

Contemporary storytelling at its most deranged, “It Was a Black `67” dwells on the uncovering of the truth behind those we love most, the exhumation of their darkest, most depraved secrets, and the idea of what comes after.

The most disturbing thought of all.


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