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Stephen King Slashes His Way Back To Gore!

You’d think at the ripe old age of 65 horror author Stephen King would slow a bit, but to the fan’s delight that’s not the case at all…

King, who is also penning “Dr. Sleep,” a sequel to his classic “The Shining,” is currently at work at a new slasher tale entitled “Joyland.

Author Neil Gaiman tells the U.K.’s Sunday Times that King is “writing a book called “Joyland,” about an amusement park serial killer.

King, who is being interviewed by Gaiman, jokes about his own death, and how his son, Joe Hill, could finish it.

So if I got hit by a taxi cab, like Margaret Mitchell… “Joyland” wouldn’t be done but Joe could finish it, in a breeze. His style is almost indistinguishable from mine. His ideas are better than mine. Being around Joe is like being next to a Catherine Wheel throwing off sparks, all these ideas. I do want to slow down. My agent is dickering with the publishers about “Dr. Sleep,” that’s the sequel to “The Shining,” but I held off showing them the manuscript because I wanted time to breathe.

Other notable King projects include Ron Howard’s ambitious plans for “The Dark Tower,” Ben Affleck’s potential trilogy adaptation of “The Stand,” John Mellencamp’s King-written stage musical, Showtime and Brian K. Vaughan’s “Under the Dome” miniseries, Jonathan Demme snagging the rights to “11/22/63,” along with theatrical and Hollywood resurrections of “Carrie” (Vulture.)




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