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Clive Barker Joins Post Mortem Press



Post Mortem Press is an indie publisher based out of Cincinnati, and their goal is to bring together the worlds of self-publishing and corporate publishing to showcase up and coming short fiction writers. Now they are adding a rather big name in horror to their list of authors. Clive Barker has a short story featured in Post Mortem Press’ brand new anthology, Torn Realities, which revolves around Lovecraftian themes. The short story anthology contains 19 tales of horror from a wide range of authors, both known and unknown. You can pick up a print or digital copy now on Amazon. See more details below.

From the publisher:
This is not your typical Cthulhu anthology!
Torn Realities deals with Lovecraft’s themes of forbidden knowledge, the idea that we are essentially untethered from the workaday world. Torn Realities explores lunacy-inducing creatures predating the dawn of man- keeping Lovecraft’s most famous theme (the idea of mind-boggling other gods) more general. The stories in this book actively seek the gray area in horror with tales of regular people in irregular situations.

Torn Realities features Lovecraftia fiction from 19 different authors: JW Schnarr, Jamie Lackey , C. Deskin Rink, Philip Roberts, C.M. Saunders , Clive Barker, Brad Carter, Kathryn Board, James S. Dorr, Gerard Houarner, Kenneth W. Cain, Joseph Williams, Mitch Richmond, Lee Davis, Matt Moore, Jessica McHugh, Bob Mustin, Jeff Suess, and Allie Marini Batts.


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