Is 'Zon 261' a Swedish 'Left 4 Dead' Adaptation? - Bloody Disgusting
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Is ‘Zon 261’ a Swedish ‘Left 4 Dead’ Adaptation?



With The Walking Dead moving the horror spotlight back onto zombies (vampires, you had a good run!), prepare to be inundated with tons of undead films, which I’m sure most of you will be thrilled about. First on the chopping block is Zon 261, a Swedish zombie film with a heavy emphasis on action. Maybe it’s just me, but the trailer takes on more than a slight resemblance to Left 4 Dead – 4 human survivors, fast smart zombies with plenty of weapons to spare, etc. Krejaren, which just released a horror film entitled Psalm 21, appears to have gotten the look and vibe down pat, and I’m curious to see where they go with, as the filmmakers describe it, “a zombie movie – that isn’t a zombie movie – about xenophobia.” Check out the sadly unsubbed trailer beyond the break.

ZON261 – Trailer from ZON 261 on Vimeo.


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