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AFM ’10: AWP Acquires ‘One By One’

American World Pictures (AWP) just announced that they acquired the Tony Todd starrer One by One: Death’s Door from Mad Crapper Films at this year’s AFM. The film, which also stars Douglas Tait (Freddy vs. Jason), Sally Kirkland (JFK) and Chris Bruno (Dead Zone), was written and directed by Kimberly Seilhamer and tells the story of a group of teens who set out on a field trip to a railroad museum and encounter `Railroad Jack’. After making sure their bus crashes, he forces them to explore `Railroad Jack’s’ carnival, where the reaper “picks” them off one by one. It seems that they changed the killers name from Railroad Jack the Reaper to just Railroad Jack, which rolls off the tongue a lot easier. Sadly, no images or trailers are available as of this point. The premise sounds goofy enough to make an enjoyable 80 minute slasher; here’s hoping they don’t try to force the creation of an icon and just let the film do it on its own.



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