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IFC Teams With Alan Spencer To Produce ‘Dexter’ Rip-Off?

IFC, who showed they actually care about genre fans when they started their ‘IFC Midnight’ label (Human Centipede is terrible, but people wanted to see it, and they made it available rather quickly; if anything, that’s smart business), just released their series development slate, with one entry sticking out like a sore thumb. Working with Alan Spencer (Sledge Hammer!), the company is developing an “as yet untitled action series about a psychotic criminal trying to juggle the demands of violence and an active social life.” In other words, they’re possibly remaking Dexter. I’d like to think a notable independent studio and sought-after script doctor are smarter than that, but the series do share striking similarities in the premise department. Spencer’s sensibilities are more comedic than anything the Jeff Lindsay inspired series could come up with, so it could actually prove to be a weirdly (great) hybrid of laughs and serial killer sentiment.



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