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This Is The Power Of Music

There is a video making its way around various social media platforms that is becoming viral. In the video, an old man in a nursing home is given an iPod and headphones and he lights up the moment music starts playing. The iPod and headphones were provided by Music & Memory, a nonprofit organization that creates individual playlists for the elderly or infirm.

This video, and the one below, are incredibly powerful and meaningful to me. After all, who here hasn’t had a time where music got you through a tough situation? I know that music has helped me through grief, loss, pain, anger, depression, and who knows how much more. The video below truly astonishes me as it shows an old woman who has been using a walker for two years kick it to the side in order to teach her doctor how to salsa. That is the power of music. It doesn’t only rejuvenate the body, it rejuvenates the soul.

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