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Interview: Geek Talk With Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely



Geek culture is infiltrating the mainstream media in a big way. Comic conventions have turned into big money makers with San Diego Comic Con becoming a hot bed for Hollywood to market movies and television shows to fans. It seems as though everyone is trying to get their hands on a piece of geek culture. One geek that fans would love to get their hands on is Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely. Keely’s love for geek culture began when she discovered comics like “Tank Girl” at an early age, along with anime like “Cowboy Bebop” and “Ninja Scroll”, which she claims, “changed my life.” Keely is an avid comics reader citing Jason Aaron’s “Scaled” and Avatar Press’ “Crossed” as personal favorites.

With appearances in the upcoming feature films Girls Gone Dead and Pennhurst, which is the directorial debut from horror legend Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer), scheduled for later this year Ryan Keely’s geek street cred is sure to skyrocket.

Bloody-Disgusting caught up with Ryan to discuss her love for comics, her experiences at comic cons, her thoughts on porn parodies of comic properties, and her ideas on how to get more female readers into comic shops.

What are some of the monthly comics that you are currently reading?

RK: I don’t really read monthly comics, I prefer to read in trade. However I just picked up an amazing, small run comic called Thickness. It’s an edgy, underground sexy comic with works by multiple artists and writers. You’ve said in previous interviews to be a fan of crime noir books.

What are some of your favorite books from the crime genre? Anything crime related people should be picking up?

RK: My favorite crime noir book is Scalped by Jason Aaron and RM Guera. I am glued to that series. However Hawaiian Dick by B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin is a close second.

You’ve also mentioned being a big fan of Garth Ennis and his Crossed series from Avatar. What is it about Ennis’ work you find so compelling and what is it about Crossed that keeps you coming back for more?

RK: Garth Ennis does a spectacular job of creating dystopian societies in this book and others. Themes I love in comic books are post-apocalyptic and dystopian, both are present in the amazing Crossed series. Jacen Burrow’s art work is beautiful and violent and it’s a bold re-imagining of the zombie genre. The concept is so fresh and innovative. I also love the the second volume, Family Values by David Lapham and Javier Barreno.

You’ve attended San Diego Comic Con a few times, what are some of your best con moments? Favorite panels? Guests?

RK: My favorite memory of Comic Con was joining members of the LA chapter of Drink and Draw (an informal drawing society with a strong comic book artist contingent) for dinner. Though the IGN parties are pretty epic. Two years ago I got a picture w/ Dolph Lundgren and last year I raged with my favorite IGN writers. Daemon Hatfield’s crotch will never be the same, and neither will my dignity.

Have fans of your adult work ever recognized you at a comic con?

RK: I don’t really get recognized unless it’s at a planned appearance. Or if do, no one owns up to it, which is fine. It’s awkward to walk up to someone and say, “Hey! I jerk off to you!” I know this because I did it to Alexander Skarsgaard once and it didn’t go so well. He may have literally run away.

Comics fans are known for being fanatics. How do they compare to fans of your adult films and how are the conventions for the adult world in comparison?

RK: I love interacting with the people that follow me on twitter (@ryankeely). We share a passion for naked girls and nerd stuff.

This is for, which is the largest horror site online. What are som of your favorite horror movies?

RK: I’m a big sissy so the horror movies I like tend to also be funny like Shaun of the Dead and Army of Darkness. I’ve been trying to get over my fear by appearing in horror movies. I’ve got a bit part in Pennhurst directed by Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker and I’ve got an amazing fight scene in Girls Gone Dead coming to DVD on June 17th.

What scares you? Is there anything you can’t watch or read because it’s too scary?

RK: Most scary movies. I’ll get nightmares just from watching the trailers.

The big debate in comics right now seems to be print verses digital. What’s your take on reading comics digitally?

RK: I own an iPad. I purchased several volumes of DC’s New 52 on it. Didn’t love it, went back to reading books. I love to read, I don’t think books need to be replaced.

Being a female reader in a relatively male dominated industry. How do you think the industry attracts more female readers? Is there something publishers and retailers should be doing more of? Have you ever been “turned off” by a retailer or shop?

RK: Comics are so varied in their content that there really something for everyone. Providing a comfortable, helpful environment will make it possible for female readers find books they love and keep them coming back for more. Comic are an addiction, if the first experience is a positive one, women will keep coming back for more. When I shop for comics I go to Secret Headquarters on Sunset in Los Angeles or Isotope in San Francisco. The proprietors of both stores are always helpful, kind and ready with a good recommendation. As a female consumer of comic books I can say that is not the case at all comic shops. The worst experience I ever had was Midtown Comics in New York at the Lexington location.

The big trend in the adult film world at the moment is for companies to turn out Superhero spoofs. What’s your take on these spoof flicks? Are there any comics that you would like to see turned into adult films?

RK: I don’t watch a lot of porn because it’s weird to jerk off to my friends but I thought Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody was really good. If I would love to see and/or appear in the XXX version of Aeon Flux.

What projects do you have coming up and where can fans find out more info about Ryan Keely?

RK: Check out my new podcast with Brian Redban at, is my pride, joy and job. If you want to see me naked, please do it there. I’m addicted to twitter, follow me at


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