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Enter The Slow Burn Of ‘Red House’



We’ve landed the second trailer, along with first images and poster for the recently completed indie Red House, a slow burn horror written and directed by Gregory Avellone.

When Shelby Gordon (Kate French) inherits a house from her paternal grandfather, Isaiah Hill (Walter Olszewski), in the remote woods of Copperhead County, she asks her friends Carissa (Yvette Yates) and Lindsey (Cristen Coppen) to go with her to check it out. The girls, joined by Chelsea (Kat Sheridan) and her boyfriend, Travis (Lawrence Adimora), set out for a weekend in the country. Once they arrive, they discover that due to heavy rainfall the road to the house is closed and they must hike in the back way. Carissa is used to being pampered by her wealthy boyfriend and doesn’t enjoy the trek through the woodsm nor is she happy about the revolting condition the Red House is in when they arrive.

Hikers in the area have broken in and used the house as a stopover. They find it filled with trash and empty beer cans. Without telling the group, Carissa hikes back to the car the next morning. Only she never makes it. Assuming Carissa has gone into town to look for a motel, the others go about cleaning the house. While looking through some boxes, Shelby discovers that her father had a brother, Joshua (John Otrin), who was institutionalized when he was young.

When her friends start to disappear, Shelby suspects that Joshua is still alive and hiding in the attic of the Red House. The girls are also being threatened by a couple of local pot growers, Pink (Gregory Avellone) and his son, Will (Ed Ackerman). Is Joshua killing her friends, or is it someone else? With the help of Cole Callahan (Brendan Wayne), the handsome deputy sheriff of Copperhead County, she unravels the mystery.

Images and poster after the break.


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