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These New Resident Evil HD Collection Screens Might Make Your PS Move. Get It?!

A little while back it was announced that Capcom would be releasing the Resident Evil HD Collection, featuring the 2 Wiisclusive games in the series. Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles. If you haven’t played the games I would at least suggest giving them a go for the story. They both play as if the main characters are together throughout the entire game. Which if you ask me, in a zombie apocalypse I definitely wouldn’t want to be alone. So you get to hear the characters talking and get more towards the story. I’ve never actually used a Playstation Move. Has anyone played on a Wii and a Move? How do they compare? Screens past the break.



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  • killrobot

    i don’t get it, please explain… in detail

  • Ultrazilla

    This is a fucking test…this is only a test.

  • Ultrazilla

    Holy shit! It actually posted a comment! FUCK this overhaul has been frustrating…after a week of failed attempts to recoup my profile filled with cursing and angry masterbation, the artist formerly known as ultrazilla2000 is once again part of his favorite video game blog. 🙂

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      Yay! Sorry for all the frustration. I’ve been going through hell and back trying to get articles posted haha I feel your pain. But Yay I’m glad you came back!

  • Ultrazilla

    So about this topic…these games are highly recommended to any Resident Evil fan. Sure they are “on rail shooters”…but they are fun and still feel like classic RE. I’m happy with my Wii versions, but these PS3 shots look sexy!

  • ThunderDragoon

    Even though I already have these on the Wii, it’s looking really good on the PS3. If I had some spare money, I’d buy it.

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