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Listen To ‘Lulu’ In Full


Well people, now is the time for you to weigh in and decide whether or not you enjoy the Lou Reed/Metallica collaboration album Lulu. On their official site, you can now stream the full album. So, do me a favor and after checking it out, come back here and let me know what you think of it, would ya?

Oh, what’s that? You want to hear my thoughts? Alrighty then! I’m through the majority of the tracks and my biggest gripe is that it gets absurdly repetitive. Remember St. Anger and how the songs were basically the same riffs over and over again? Yeah, same situation here. The songs are way too long and could easily have been trimmed but for one thing: Lou Reed. Good lord sir! Would you mind speaking just a wee bit faster? I’m sure the album could’ve fit onto one CD had you picked up the pace. 
Yes, there were some moments where I was really drawn in and almost hypnotized by the rhythmic repetition. However, six songs into the album and I can’t tell you which song was which (aside from The View, but that’s because I’ve been bombarded with it constantly over the past few weeks). Not a good sign fellas. Not a good sign at all.



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