[Top 10] A Week Of DeadHeads' 'Songs In The Key Of (A)pocalypse' - Mike - Bloody Disgusting
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[Top 10] A Week Of DeadHeads’ ‘Songs In The Key Of (A)pocalypse’ – Mike




Today’s DeadHeads‘ Top 10 comes from the character of Mike Kellerman (played by Michael McKiddy), a zombie who wants nothing more than to find the girl he loves, resulting in a cross country road trip! But apparently that’s not all Mike wants as his list is the ‘Top 10 Songs He’d Kick Zombie Ass To’! Check out the zombie bashing tunage after the jump!

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1.) PANTERACemetary Gates: This song is just so awesomely epic (Dimebag was the best guitarist of all time). I’d kick major zombie ass while it was playing. And plus the title is fitting.
2.) DEFTONES7 Words: When I’d jam out in my friend’s basement when I was younger we used to literally play this song over and over for weeks thinking we were hardcore rock stars (lots of guitar strings were broken). Zombie face = Smash! Smash! Smash!
3.) BIOHAZARDPunishment: The ultimate group/music to get you riled up. Zombies would poo their shorts upon hearing this song coming their way (if zombies poop).
4.) SMASHING PUMPKINSGeek U.S.A.: One of my favorite Pumpkins’ songs and one that never fails to make me wanna move; I’d be shooting zombies with a big smile on my face as this played.
5.) WEIRD AL YANKOVICYoda: I’d need to throw this in there so I could have a laugh during the apocalypse, I feel like it’d be a blast to kill zombies whilst listening to Weird Al. 
6.) BOB DYLANYou Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere: It’d be a beautiful moment sitting on a rooftop with a beer and a shotgun, picking off zombies to my favorite Dylan jam. 
7.) WHITE ZOMBIEI, Zombie: Not only the perfect title, but this song rocks freakin’ hard. It’s almost as though it was written specifically to be played whilst bashing zombie skull in.
8.) JULY FOR KINGSStart Again: Put chainsaw to zombie face during this kicking tunage from one of my favorite bands. 
9.) CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNEDGhost Town: Outside of being a huge Howard Stern fan (and having worked with Richard Christy, who’s the nicest guy ever), this song is like a shot of adrenaline for facing zombie doom!
10.) NINE INCH NAILSThe Beginning of the End – ‘Nuff said. 🙂
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