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[Top 10] Suffokate’s Ricky Hoover Shares His Favorite Horror Flicks



BD Music has scored another Top 10 list for you. This time, we’ve got Suffokate vocalist Ricky Hoover sharing his favorites. Sure, the list may feature movies that are tried and true, but those movies have earned that title by being some of the very best our beloved genre has to offer. 

Check out the list after the jump as well as tour dates and make sure to pick up their latest album, Return To Despair, which is in stores now!

I have thousands of favorites, mostly old black and white films people never heard of, including all the original universal monsters movies. Here are the first ones that come to my mind.
1. A Nightmare On Elm St. (original) 
-I always identified with Freddy for some reason. Robert Englund is & will always be the only actor who portrays Freddy Kruger correctly.
2. Night Of The Living Dead (original b&w)
-The one that started it all. Plus first film that had a black male leading role. Very controversial plus he slaps a white woman in the face too! Crazy for that time period. 
3. The Exorcist
-The 1st of its kind that scared a generation. Plus the uncut one with the added scenes is amazing and will scare generations to come
4. Poltergeist 
-Amazing cast, great visual effects, best scene ever where a character rips the skin off his face while looking in the mirror. Also great storyline
5. Dead Alive 
-One of the best zombie films of all time, plus it was directed by Peter Jackson. Best kill scene ever with a lawn mower is strapped to the main characters chest while he walks through his living room that’s full of the undead.
6. The Thing (original)
-Amazing special effects, great storyline and Kurt Russell!
7. Evil Dead 1 & 2 
-Great storyline & effects plus Bruce Campbell is the shit.
8. Friday the 13th (original)
-One of the best slasher films ever! 
I have Jason Vorhees in the hockey mask tattooed on the back of my neck!  (even though his mother is the killer in the first of the series, and he doesn’t get the mask till the third film)
9. Re-Animator & From Beyond 
-H.P. Lovecraft! Great storyline, amazing special effects, head living by itself in a medical tray full of blood while it’s body carries it around, starring Bruce Abbott!
10. Silver Bullet 
-Gary Busey, Corey Haim in a film together! Amazing werewolf film. Before they made werewolves look terrible & hairless.
Make sure to check out Suffokate on tour:
Brawloween Tour
w/ Throwdown, Carnifex, First Blood
10/21 San Diego, CA – Soma
10/22 Bakersfield, CA – Jerrys Pizza
10/23 Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction
10/24 Tucson, AZ – Skrappy’s
10/25 Phoenix, AZ – Underground
10/26 Las Vegas, NV – Hard Rock Cafe
10/27 Reno, NV – The Alley
10/28 Sacramento, CA – The Boardwalk
10/29 Temecula, CA – The Vault
10/30 Huntington Beach, CA – E.F.F.
10/31 Canoga Park, CA – Cobalt Cafe   
w/ Blind Witness, King Conquer
11/18 Koblenz, Germany – Circus Maximus
11/19 Kontich, Belgium – Lintfabriek
11/20 Margate, UK – West Coast Bar
11/21 London, UK – Underworld
11/22 Leeds, UK – The Well
11/23 Milton Keynes, UK – Craufurd Arms
11/24 Reading, UK – Face Bar
11/25 Kortrijk, Belgium – JOC
11/26 Haldensleben, Germany – Der Club
11/29 Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang
11/30 Trier, Germany – Ex-Haus
12/01 Zurich, Switzerland – Dynamo Werk 21
12/03 Linz, Austria – Ann & Pat
12/04 Munchen, Germany – Feierwerk
12/05 Wien, Austria – Aeara
12/06 Ljubljana, Slovenia – Orto Bar
12/07 Berlin, Germany – Magnet
12/08 Prague, Czech Republic – Chapeau Rouge
12/09 Dessau, Germany – Beat Club
12/10 Koln, Germany – Werkstatt
12/11 Muenster, Germany – Sputnikcafe


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