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[Top 10] Textures Share Their Favorite Horror Flicks

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a Top 10 list, so I’m really excited to bring you one from a group that is kicking untold amounts of ass lately! After the jump, you can check out Texture‘s Top 10 Horror Movies, which features classics as well as some more obscure ones that only a well-seasoned horror fan would appreciate. 

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1 Textures Chainsaw Massacre
This is our own version. We keep building the story on tour. We have
various chapters, like the one where Bart gets disemboweled, after
eating to much habanero hot sauce and where Remko turns into a frog
when kissed by the Bayou fairies.
2 Bad Taste
The one and only Peter Jackson master piece. Forget all those Lord of
the Rings family movies. Bad Taste has all ingredients you need.
Humor, Birth, Death, Action and Slaughter. Our main character is
Derek, but the other guys make the team complete…The movie was well
made with a 10 K budget…
3 Evil Dead Trilogy
Especially part III, the Army of Darkness and the way part II flows
into it. It’s just pillow talk baby
4 The Shining
This actually connects to our Textures Chainsaw Massacre. There we
also arrive at the mountain house and meet Jack. He shows us around
and we all get a room…Scary place…scary guy
5 A l´interieure
About a pregnant lady, that gets terrorized…big struggle at the
6 The Blob
We grew up with this kind of quality 🙂 It’s a great adventure of a
wandering slime-heap…it comes from the gutter, from the sink and
it’s getting bigger!!!
Scream now while you can still breathe
7 Day of the Dead
We actually had a big discussion in the van just now. Are we gonna put
Dawn of the Dead instead? I say Day of the Dead is much better, the
actors play better and the suspense-level is the highest IMHO. Even
IMDB doesn’t agree with me…well….so what…BTW. we’re only
talking about the old Romero versions, not those new hollywood
8 The Thing
This one is very special. The music (Morricone) and also the isolation
in the icy surroundings give this story a very distinct vibe. You
really don’t know what’s going on at first….
9 Exorcist 1
This one explains itself right? It’s a classic…where people fainted
when it played in theaters back in the day. It also has a deeper
religious vibe, which makes it come closer.
10 El Orfanato
It’s a Spanish horror movie. The boy is missing…and nobody searches
for him. It’s a very dark movie



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