[OMFG] A One-Man Cover Of The Dexter Theme Song - Bloody Disgusting
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[OMFG] A One-Man Cover Of The Dexter Theme Song



To this day, the soundtrack to the first season of Dexter is one of my favorite go-to “chill out” albums. Lush music, beautiful melodies, haunting overtones, and more make up for a fantastic musical soundscape that, I feel, perfectly compliments the show. Now, with the upcoming premiere of season six, YouTube user Adam Ben Ezra did a one-man cover of the show’s theme song. However, he didn’t only just cover the music, he also made a video that makes it appear like he is using his instruments to methodically kill his upright bass. It’s a very clever video that perfectly mimics the style and feel of Dexter. 

Check it out after the jump and enjoy!


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