Iwrestledabearonce Premiering 'A Beary Scary Movie'' - Bloody Disgusting!

Iwrestledabearonce Premiering ‘A Beary Scary Movie”

Century Media Records artist Iwrestledabearonce has announced that their film, A Beary Scary Movie, will be premiering at Rock And Shock in Worcester, MA on Oct. 16th. The film stars all of the members of IWABO as well as a guest appearance by Jake Busey. The story revolves around an insane, bloodthirsty fiend named Shreddy who attacks each of the members while they sleep. While this sounds EXACTLY like A Nightmare On Elm Street, I have a feeling that it’s going to be much more humorous and utterly insane. So, basically, I’m expected an homage, not a ripoff. What do you think?

Check after the jump for all sorts of details about Rock And Shock as well as ‘A Beary Scary Movie’.

“IWABO lovers and haters rejoice! The time has finally come to watch us all get brutally murdered! Our friends at KOTK productions have managed to outdo even themselves on this one,” says IWRESTLEDABEARONCE’s Steven Bradley. “We are all HUGE horror movie fans, particularly old-school cheesy fun horror fans, so this project has definitely been the most insane and enjoyable undertaking in the history of our band.”
IWRESTLEDABEARONCE will also participate in signings, panels and other appearances at Rock And Shock, along with the convention’s other featured guests–including Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Lance Henriksen, Gary Busey, Jake Busey, Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery, Ace Frehley, Roddy Piper, Heather Langenkamp, Amanda Wyss, Bill Moseley, Derek Mears, Tim Thomerson, Miko Hughes and many more. Tickets for Rock And Shock are available at: www.rockandshock.com/tickets.htm.
IWRESTLEDABEARONCE are part of one of the most fucked up, crazy-ass twisted motherfucking fantastical adventures that has ever been told in the history of metal.  Something monstrous and mentally deranged from the ‘80s hair metal scene has been sent straight from hell to shred through their “experimental” metal flesh and leave their bodies–not to mention today’s metal scene–bloody, battered, and torn apart. 
Steven, Mikey, John, Krysta, and Ricky are in the fight of their lives as they face the insane bloodthirsty flesh fiend known as Shreddy. Watch as Shreddy slaughters each member one by one while they sleep. The only limits are those of the insane minds of IWABO. Can they make it out of this bizarre and gruesome tale alive? Will IWABO continue or will they perish at the hands of this madman? Only those brave enough to watch A Beary Scary Movie will find out….