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Creed Back In 2012? I’m Already Nauseous Thinking About It

Words cannot describe how generic, boring, and, in general, awful I think Creed is. Sure, they had a good song here and there (remember What If from the Scream 3 soundtrack?), but the vast majority of their music had me wanting to drive an icepick through my eyes Session 9 style. 

Well, it looks like I’m going to have to find some girl to go Basic Instinct on me soon as drummer Scott Phillips has announced that Alter Bridge will take a break while singer Myles Kennedy will work on a new album with Slash. The rest of the band will be teaming back up with Scott Stapp to work on a new Creed album plus a 2012 tour. 

Below is a perfect representation of what I hear when a Creed song comes on.



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