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[Exclusive] Chat With Jeffrey Nothing Of Mushroomhead Tonight!

Alright all you Mushroomhead fans, check it out! Singer Jeffrey Nothing will be doing a live Q&A via UStream and Bloody-Disgusting is excited to host it for you! So, at 8pm EST, make sure you’ve got this article loaded up so you can watch Jeffrey take questions regarding his upcoming solo album The New Psychodalia, which comes out Oct. 11th. If you want to sneak in a question of your own, make sure to sign up for a UStream account OR you can link your Twitter or Facebook to UStream and ask questions that way. 
Check after the jump for the UStream video as well as comments from Jeffrey about his solo album.

Streaming by Ustream

“I always knew I wanted to do a solo project, but we just never found the perfect situation before now,” commented Jeffrey Nothing. “This just feels like it was meant to be. Everyone is very receptive to what we’re trying to do here. I feel it’s a sort of Sepultura meets Alice in Chains, meets Acid Bath. This feels new and very different. The response so far of the fans I’ve played it for is fantastic and I hope the fans that haven’t heard it yet, feel the same. Ever since I first heard ‘Burial’, this is the most fun I’ve had recording in a long time, and hopefully it will continue when we start touring behind the album.
“Nothing is a completely different animal from Mushroomhead,” commented Jeffrey Nothing. “Obviously there are elements of Mushroomhead on this record and Skinny is the drummer on the record, but artistically this is quantum leap for me. There are songs on this album like ‘Psychodalia’ that sounds like ‘Superbuick’ era’ Mushroomhead and then there are tracks like Time or ‘Deathbed Masquerade’ that are different from anything I’ve ever done before.”



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