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Kid Rock Is Officially A Badass Now (Pun Kinda Intended)



When I was a freshman in high school, Bawitdaba was one of the biggest songs at the end of the year. Seriously, everyone had that damn song playing on their Discman (going old school here folks). So, naturally, I listened to Kid Rock to understand what the big deal was. Regardless of how I feel about his music (I think he needs to get back to rockin’ and quit all the countryin’), Kid Rock has come out with some ideas regarding the concert experience in general that I think we can all agree with, including nixing ticket convenience fees and slashing merch prices! Check it all out after the jump.

So, the first thing that Kid Rock is pissed about is ticket convenience fees: “People think Live Nation is the devil, and I did too. Next year, or when I tour after the next album, those convenience fees are gone…I want one low ticket price.”

The next thing Kid Rock wanted to address is the ridiculously high prices that are charged for t-shirts. Apparently, he wanted to slash the prices in half but was met with fierce resistance, which is understandable since it’s obvious that people will pay high prices for concert merch. They’ve been doing it for years. However, Kid Rock laid down the law saying, “Do it or you’re fired. I want some banners that say (bleep) the economy, cut the T-shirts half price and let’s see if we can sell twice the volume, and we have been.” Personally, I’d be much more inclined to buy a t-shirt if it cost $15 or $20 instead of $40 freaking dollars!!!

The last thing that Kid Rock addressed, and what is probably most applicable and meaningful for me, is the cost of beer. Kid Rock made a deal at two shows this year where his beer, Badass Lager, was sold at a reduced price. This forced the competition to reduce their prices as well for fear that they wouldn’t sell a drop.

Kid Rock: “As part of our deal (at those shows), I cut the price on it, so it made the other beer companies cut their price, so whether we were make money or not, it didn’t matter. But fans had a great experience of getting cheaper beer than they’re used to paying at concerts. I love undercutting Budweiser…. and it’s still over-priced.”

Alright readers, what do you think of Kid Rock now? Personally, any artist that fights for the fans at this level gets a huge bump of respect in my book. If a concert ended costing me half of what it does now, I’d be seeing shows far more often.


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