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Johnny Depp Joins Marilyn Manson In ‘Sweet Dreams’ Performance

Last night, at the Revolver Golden Gods awards show, actor Johnny Depp joined shock rocker Marilyn Manson on stage to play guitar on Manson’s cover of Sweet Dreams. You can check out the video below.

Personally, I think the overall sound quality is pretty thin and doesn’t hit nearly as hard as I was hoping it would. Also, Manson sounds pretty terrible. He’s off tune, the screams don’t have the same power that they used to, and he seems to lose breath quite quickly.

Depp will make an appearance on Manson’s upcoming album, Born Villain (in stores May 1st), tackling lead guitar and drums on a cover of Carly Simon‘s You’re So Vain. He will also be appearing in the upcoming Dark Shadows, which is directed by Tim Burton. The movie comes out May 11th.

Got any thoughts/questions/concerns for Jonny B.? Shoot him a message on Twitter!



  • EvanDickson

    It could be a case of bad monitors. Sound checks for shows like these are notoriously terrible. If either the wedge or in ear mix is off it can totally eff a vocal performance.

    • Jonathan Barkan

      Really? I’d imagine that an awards show built around music would make sure to have a quality sound check. Just seems to make sense, you know?

      • VenificusHora

        The main problem there is that having multiple artists playing you often have to get general levels and then tailor the sound while a band is on….and mazza must have recorded the original some 20 years ago lol


    He sounds like an old dying dog.

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