Mexican Alien Invasion Envisions a 'Night Without Sky' - Bloody Disgusting
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Mexican Alien Invasion Envisions a ‘Night Without Sky’



Supposedly already in Mexican theaters is a new alien invasion “survival” movie from director Benjamin Williams entitled Night Without Sky (Noche Sin Cielo), which has a trailer that can be viewed inside. Spanish website Movieland explains the plot: “The scene shows an ordinary night on the Loop, the most important way in Mexico City traffic and life as usual, the camera lingers on a child, a group of friends that go to a party in order and the couple who are fighting within their own… Suddenly, the chaos begins: no noise, people running, scared faces, and then the camera takes a turn and take the second floor from the ring where something has hit it and generated a huge explosion and confusion.” No word on if the film will make here to the States. The teaser looks a bit sucky, no?
Casting: Feature performances already confirmed, inter alia, Joaquín Cosio, Silverio Palacios, Mario Zaragoza, as a mariachi band, Armando Hernandez in the role of a young man who goes with his pregnant wife, Diana Bracho, the female figure responsible charities.

Ana Brenda Contreras aperecerán also as a successful executive, but lonely, Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Luis Gerardo Mendez and Jesus Ochoa in the characters of paramedics.


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