‘Hunger Games’ Sequel: Could Cronenberg Be ‘Catching Fire’?

  • FleshofCaligula

    I would be interested in seeing cronenberg doing a PG-13 film. I want to know if he can pull it off, he’s an amazing director, but there’s no bodily horror in it for him LOL. I know he won’t fuck up any movie. So I’m in.

  • Nothing333

    What a waste of Cronenberg’s genius if this comes to pass.

  • undertaker78

    I am a HUGE Cronenberg fan but will not watch the sequel even if he is attached. The Hunger Games is not a horror movie and never will be. I don’t care if Dracula himself endorsed the series it won’t change mind. You’ll have to forgive me for sounding upset, because I am, but being duped feels like sh!t. The Hunger Games (along with movies like Twilight) doesn’t belong in the horror community.