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Ranking All 12 ‘Friday The 13th’ Movies!!!

I actually had the urge to put up this list immediately after my rankings of the Nightmare On Elm Street series a few weeks ago but then decided to hold off until today. After all, it’s an actual Friday The 13th and thus a far more appropriate date to commemorate the series.

What’s interesting about the Friday The 13th franchise – as opposed to A Nightmare On Elm Street – is that my personal rankings of it usually vary depending on what day you catch me. The overall shape of it remains fairly constant, but here and there certain entries have the ability to slide up or down a notch or two depending on my mood. I also don’t feel that there’s one perfect entry in the franchise. As much as I love most of these films, many of them are incredibly flawed – which is part of the charm for me and is also why I would completely understand the reasoning behind a list that was the exact opposite of mine.

With one huge exception, I tend to favor the days of pre-zombie Jason even though I have no particular stake in him being alive or undead. Maybe it’s the nostalgia factor but I find that there’s something innocent and comforting about those early days at Camp Crystal Lake. I could almost watch those movies without the kills. It also may have something to do with the fact that the characters in those latter films are coarse and even more thinly drawn than the earlier installments, which is saying something.

Anyway, head inside to see where I stand on the series! And – as always – let me know your own rankings in the comments!


Here’s the huge exception I was talking about. Despite the fact that it is very much in “Zombie Jason” territory Jason Lives is, on most days, my favorite Friday The 13th film. It’s of course helped immensely Thom Matthews’ energetic turn as Tommy Jarvis and by Jennifer Cooke’s appealing and charismatic performance as Megan. But the primary factor here is the script – it’s actually smart. Even though it came a decade before Scream we can see a little post modern self awareness creeping into the film, but in just the right (almost unnoticeable) dose. The winningly cavalier manner in which Jason is resurrected as well as the nod to 007 in the opening credits are indicators that the filmmakers knew exactly where they wanted to go with the franchise.

It also helps that this entry has something that almost none of the other F13 films have – forward momentum. Writer/director Tom McLoughlin actually cared about the story and the narrative here unfolds at a breakneck pace compared to the surrounding entries. Tommy Jarvis is the most pro-active protagonist in the series and the script even includes a ticking clock element with the impending arrival of the kids at Camp Crystal Lake. Even David Kagen’s Sheriff Michael Garris, a would-be antagonist, feels justifiably motivated and has a nice character reversal in the end.

Jason Lives has it all. Blood, gore, smarts, sex, the outdoors, and an actual plot. It’s the clear winner of the franchise.


The Final Chapter is a close runner-up to Jason Lives. It has, relatively speaking, great characters and an irresistibly amiable atmosphere. While it lacks the tight plotting of Jason Lives, it feels like the perfect distillation of everything the series had achieved up until that point. Enabled by a bigger budget than its predecessors, it achieves a bigger sense of scope while maintaining a firm focus on the tenets of the franchise – slaughtering horny teens in semi-rural areas. Essentially it plays like a greatest hits of the first three films (something the remake would also attempt).

I mentioned relatively great characters right? Corey Feldman’s younger Tommy Jarvis is (completely unbelievably) the world’s youngest practical effects expert and he actually utilizes his flair for visual trickery in orchestrating Jason’s comeuppance. But the real heart of the film for me is Crispin Glover’s Jimmy Mortimer. Out of all the characters in the franchise to die before the film’s climax, Jimmy’s one of the few who actually gets an arc. Meanwhile Lawrence Monoson is perfect as a sexually confident guy who manages to get even less action than the sad sack he played in The Last American Virgin. Even Judie Aronson (of Weird Science fame) gets some depth as Samantha (It’s also kind of strange that both Science and this film find her hooking up with a geek she originally wouldn’t have looked twice at).

Out of all the “classic” F13 films, The Final Chapter is easily the best.


Everybody knows Part 2 is the first film to feature Jason as the killer (and that he wouldn’t find his mask until Part 3). But it actually connects pretty well to the mythology set forth in Part 1 (not only is he referenced heavily in the original, but witnessing his mother’s death even gives him a motive) and as a result is the rare slasher sequel that is able to organically expand on the world of the franchise.

Part 2 also has the highest nostalgia factor. It’s able to take the basic premise of the first film and open it up a little so the characters are allowed to be a little more carefree. They have more fun. Even if Tom McBride’s wheelchair bound Mark is the only real standout, you pretty much like all of these kids. Some people complain about the languid pacing of this entry, and it’s a grievance I don’t begrudge, but this is a film I really just like spending time with. Even if the film isn’t at all expertly made (except for that great shot of a guitar’s headstock at the bar) it somehow plays as a perfect time capsule from 1981.

It says a lot about the times we live in that spending a weekend at Camp Crystal Lake and watching all of your friends get slaughtered somehow seems more relaxing than witnessing the modern world crumble around us on a daily basis. I’ll take baghead Jason over our current situation anyday.

4. FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980)

Oddly this is one of the entries I flip flop the most on, and it’s actually ranked several notches higher than the order I in which I would realistically pull it off my shelf. It’s fun enough and has some good kills (and Kevin Bacon) but it’s pretty easy to peg for what it actually is – a serviceable ripoff of Halloween. It also loses points for trying to assert itself as something of an Agatha Christie style murder mystery, except it doesn’t even introduce Mrs. Voorhees until near the end of act three. That’s a total cheat.

That being said, it’s the first. Which means it established the setting of Crystal Lake (thank you) and forever upped the carnality factor of slasher victims (thanks again). Thus Friday The 13th actually gains points for being first, even if it wasn’t the best. It gave birth to the series, and for that we must be thankful. Especially when you consider that makes it the mother of the bunch, and you know how Jason feels about his mother.

5. FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009)

I know you people like to rag on Jason’s use of a tunnel system but I honestly don’t understand the issue. Jason has alternately been a retarded hillbilly, a zombie, a paramedic in disguise, a cyborg and a shapeshifter. When you have a canon as all encompassing as that, I don’t see how kidnapping a girl and keeping her in a tunnel really breaks it. Especially when it was established in prior entries that he has a soft spot for girls who resembled his mother. I mean, it actually saved Ginny Field’s life in Part 2.

So let’s look at what we’re left with. True, the kills aren’t as creative as they could be, but they make up for that with their sheer brutality. There isn’t one single film in the franchise with a sequence that can match the intensity of the slaughter of the first batch of kids in this film’s opening 20 minutes. I’m serious, take another look at those 20 minutes – nothing else bearing the name Friday The 13th matches it in terms of impact.

Even if the film tapers off a bit in the second act there’s no denying that Derek Mears is probably the best Jason we’ve seen. Not only is he imposing, but there’s a level of athleticism and actual killing ability there that is genuinely compelling. Plus, it’s got Travis Van Winkle. “You’ve got perfect nipple placement, baby!

Not only is it one of the most fun entries on this list, it’s also a high point for Platinum Dunes (who would go on to mangle A Nightmare On Elm Street the very next year).


A lot of people would understandably place this one a lot lower, but it’s got a weirdness factor to it that’s really appealing. A New Beginning is also the first installment where a genuine sense of sleaze begins to creep into the series. It’s an ugly, bizarre mean spirited film that couldn’t give two sh*ts about justifying paramedic Ray’s transition into Jason.

If memory serves, it’s the first film in the series to feature cocaine use, which is significant because A New Beginning very much feels like its production was steeped in cocaine. From the unfortunate death of Joey to the 1950’s inspired road punks and what’s her face doing the robot, it’s a glorious mess. A mess that culminates with Miguel Nunez’s Demon singing to his girlfriend while taking a dump. It’s just so incredibly confused. The film is simultaneously so lazy, driven, random, self satisfied and out of touch that you can’t help but be entertained.

If all twelve F13 were guests at a cocktail party, A New Beginning would be the one heading to the bathroom every five minutes, wiping its nose, and yelling sweatily at the host. It would rummage through Part One‘s medicine cabinet, double dip and piss on the floor before leaving.


Part 3 is notable for three things. 1. Jason finds his mask. 2. It’s implied that Jason once raped someone, which almost sexualizes him a bit*. 3. The fact that it was filmed in 3D (which makes it hilarious to watch in 2D). Other than that it feels like the series starts treading water right here. It also could be argued that subsequent installment The Final Chapter feels like it’s treading water by adding nothing in terms of myth expansion – but that one tread water so well and so much more memorably than the dour, boring Part 3.

The film gains points for the amazing kill of hand walking Andy, and for giving us the mask. It also does a decent job of replicating that idyllic summer vibe I so often seek solace in, but that’s about it.

*Yes, I know rape is much more an act of violence than a sexual one. But I don’t think that was the prevailing thought in 1982. And if it was, the movie certainly fails to acknowledge it on those terms.


This one ranked several notches lower on my Elm Street list because it’s simply a better Jason picture than it is a Freddy one. He actually gets some really decent kills in the first act and the rave scene in the cornfield is a lot of fun. But, for me, I’d rather see Jason doing his own thing. Jason’s at his best here, but Freddy is at his Part 4-Part 6 persona. Those two things don’t mesh for me.


Many, many, many people have a soft spot for Todd Farmer and James Isaac’s genre-melding Jason X. And it’s a fondness I can’t really argue with, except to say that I just don’t feel it. It has several supremely clever moments, but I kind of feel like I’m watching people play laser-tag in a warehouse for the majority of the film’s running time. Perhaps I’m just biased and think F13 belongs in the great outdoors.

That being said – the frozen head kill, the David Cronenberg appearance, a few clever one-liners and the genius sequence where Jason is tricked into thinking he’s back at Crystal Lake (not to mention the great, similarly themed, denouement) go a long way. And they certainly elevate it well above entries 9-12 on this list.

Jason X may be ranked sort of low, but it’s not a bad film. In fact – it’s the last good movie on this list. It’s a steep drop from here on out.


This is where they start getting really bad. While I wholly believe that John Carl Buechler’s film would have been much better if it hadn’t been subjected to some insanely prude MPAA restrictions, there’s just no saving these characters or performances. I really quite like the design of Jason in the film but I’m not at all interested in the travails of Lar Park-Lincoln, her mother or their scheming psychiatrist, Dr. Crews.

The group of teens and young adults served up for slaughter literally make no impression. Making Lincon’s Tina Shepard telekinetic is a huge mistake. It’s a big enough stretch to make Jason a zombie, but granting supernatural powers to other people in the franchise’s universe undermines the key strength of the series – its simplicity.

Also, why is her dad still at the bottom of that lake? He’s literally right underneath the spot he disappeared from all those years ago in about 15 feet of water. Crystal Lake has the worst search and rescue team ever.


A few things we need to get out of the way right off the bat. Even if this movie had actually attempted to live up to its promise it would have still been a disaster. It’s much more incompetent than even your average Friday The 13th movie. From basic writing, technical and editorial decisions right on up to the baffling logic that you can actually sail to New York from Crystal Lake. Not to mention the fact that the regular flooding of the NY sewers is perhaps the most conveniently stupid means to a resolution in cinematic history.

All that aside, we all know that the film barely takes even place in Manhattan. The vast majority of the running time is spent on the ship over there, thus we are denied a fully developed take on what would actually happen if Jason indeed took Manhattan. We’re even denied the half-ass version of it. What we get is pretty much the quarter-ass treatment, which is deeply unsatisfying.

Maybe we could forgive the transgression of Voorhees only spending a reel or two in the city, but he unleashes virtually zero mayhem during his brief stay. He doesn’t take anything. Aside from knocking that one guy’s head off he pretty much ignores all the New Yorkers. What a shame.


Jason Goes To Hell is actually a better movie than Jason Takes Manhattan. Ironically, it’s this edge in quality that actually detracts from its ranking. Since Jason Takes Manhattan is a consistent marvel of incompetence, there’s always something to gawk at. Jason Goes To Hell makes the mistake of elevating the craft somewhat, and pays the price dearly. It’s a stupid, boring unwatchable mess. I’m not sure where in the process it was decided that Jason should basically be capable of inhabiting any body he wants – or why it was necessary to include the mumbo jumbo about him only being able to die at the hands of a Voorhees – but it drags the series down into a mystical territory that it’s simply not suited for. It literally just feels like the worst “X-Files” episode ever.

Are there any bright spots? Yes. There are three and they are glorious. The tent-sex kill, where the lady straddling her fella is sliced in half. Jason’s entry into (and rebirth from) the womb of his own sister. And, of course, Steven William’s famous line as Creighton Duke, “That makes me think of a little girl in a pink dress sticking a hot dog through a doughnut.” No doubt these are three pinnacles in the lives of many, yet they can’t save the film. It’s that bad.

What do you guys think? Let me know your rankings in the comments!

Edited on February 13, 2015. Moved ‘Freddy Vs. Jason’ into a new slot.



  • crane

    And Jason Goes To Hell had the first interaction with Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. Although its was Freddy his jerk off hand that we saw, i really makes up for a lot xD

    Good list Evan, keep them up.

    • 12 – part 9
      11 – part 1
      10 – part 7
      9 – part 3
      8 – part2
      7 – jason x
      6 – remake
      5 – freddy vs jason
      4 – part 6
      3 – part 5
      2 – part 4
      1 – part 8

  • xxxwolf666

    I have no problem with your ranking. I would slip a few over or under but it is basically dead on. Good list. I like that you gave the remake a decent spot on the list as I don’t think it was as bad as people make it out to be. And I agree Derek Mears was an excellent Jason.

  • Nothing333

    Fun list! I’m totally on board for the top 4 spots as well. Great job.

  • djblack1313

    take JASON LIVES out of there and your list is spot on!! i DO NOT understand the love people have for that movie. it’s 3 STOOGES slap stick, and it’s lame zombie Jason. not to mention the MPAA cut the fuck out of any gore. but yeah, part 2, part 4, the reboot, part 5 and part 3 (in order of faves) are the only good F13 films. what’s really fucked up and sad is that many F13 “fans” didn’t even know Jason ran after his victims in parts 2-4. all they know is lame-o slllooowwwlly lumbering Jason who’s able to catch up with the fastest runner!! that’s so lame. lol.

  • djblack1313

    LOL. and that was Violet doing the robot in part 5! lol. part 5 was the last F13 movie to have any atmosphere and creep about it and it did it well. not until the reboot did the series have atmosphere (the reboot did it wonderfully too!). parts 6-FvJ are just so F’ing bad!

  • 1. Friday the 13th 1980: The atmosphere alone makes this a personal favourite. It’s so authentic and literally consumes you, making you feel like you’re at Crystal Lake. It’s also a very interesting movie to watch to see how it all started, especially after so many sequels. You can’t help but admire the innocence of it all, and the simplicity. This is how it started, and Betsy Palmer was truly brilliant. There’s something wonderful about this movie, it might be short on plot, but artistically speaking it truly captures a certain mood and time in place unlike any of the other films.

    2. Friday the 13th Part 3: One of my personal favourites, it’s a time capsule of the early 80’s, and has some of the best set pieces ever staged in a Friday movie. The final act alone is perhaps the greatest moment in any of these movies. It’s balls to the wall and just beautifully photographed. I saw Part 3 long before I had the chance to see the first two, and as a kid it truly fuelled my passion for Jason. I also loved the characters in this movie, especially Chris! They just seemed unique and not the typical Friday fodder, and were a lot more “adult”.

    3. Friday the 13th Part 2: It has a wonderful break-neck pace, the characters are likeable, and the atmosphere is dripping off the screen. This is when Jason was still scary, and Crystal Lake looked like Crystal Lake (not sunny California). The final act, much like Part 3, is balls to the wall exciting and that last jump scare through the window…BRILLIANT.

    4. Friday the 13th Part 6: Just a perfect movie, made my people who cared. It has a wonderful plot, great acting, wonderful characters, and returns to that real Crystal Lake dripping with the atmosphere I love so much. The pacing is perfect, the movie never lags. It is perhaps THE BEST of the sequels, but only rates lower on my list because I have a fondness for the pre-zombie era.

    5. Friday the 13th Part 4: Technically, just one of the better entries in the series. Although the only reason I rank this one lower is because I find the pacing drags, the atmosphere is uneven, and the movie also ventures into the “sleeze” territory that would only fuel the sleeze for part 5.

    6. Jason X: Love the attempt at something new, and still feel it’s one of the better looking Jason’s in terms of character design. I like the return to the more human Jason, and movie just has a level of bad ass and balls that I admire so much. The characters are better developed, the writing is sharp…truly a high point in the series.

    7. Friday the 13th Part 5: I do enjoy the sleeze to a certain point, but the movie is somehow overly depressing. You feel like taking a shower after watching it. Aside from a few highlights and some well staged set pieces in the final act, the movie overall lacks passion for what it is.

    8. Friday the 13th part 7: This movie has a lot of flaws, and I mean a lot! The characters are absolute garbage, and the pacing of the movie is embarrassing along with its plot. After Part 6 I would have expected better, but I guess it was hard to top. What saves this movie from ranking at the very bottom is a few highlights ie. Jason looks bad ass, and the movie, despite its stupidity, manages to create a nice sombre atmosphere that I enjoy very much. And the final act is rather well executed too.

    9. Jason Takes Manhattan: Because anything is better than JASON GOES TO HELL! But in all honesty, Part 8 is a real BORE!! It’s hard to sit through the entire movie without wanting to fall asleep.

    10. Friday the 13th Remake: It could have been so much better, and I truly believe the only thing that ruined it was the lack of Harry Manfredini. The music in this movie makes it feel out of the place and not within the Friday universe. And aside from the first act, the death scenes are a real bummer.

    11. Jason Goes to Hell: I love the Jason’s look in this movie and still think it is the best Jason design ever!!! He just looks like one bad ass mother fucker! I love the opening, and I love the climax. But everything in between is boring! Stupid! and just a waist of time.

    12. Freddy Vs Jason: Aside from the final act which is truly breathtaking to watch, this movie blows. The characters are utter garbage, and the movie has no idea what it’s supposed to be. Bad idea.

  • BloodyBass

    1. Part 3
    2. Part 2
    3. Part 6
    4. Original
    5. Part 4
    6. Part 5
    7. Jason X
    8. Freddy Vs. Jason
    9. Part 8
    10. Part 7
    11. Jason Goes To Hell
    12. Remake

  • purplek

    I have problems with the majority of this list, but they said part 6 was the best and that part they got right haha so I’m not going to complain. It’s an interesting list.

  • 1. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
    2. Freddy vs. Jason
    3. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
    4. Friday the 13th (2009)
    5. Jason X
    6. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
    7. Friday the 13th (1980)
    8. Friday the 13th Part 2
    9. Friday the 13th Part III
    10. Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning
    11. Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood
    12. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

    • kooluhl1

      Your list ids the closest. Good job. The remake would be my number 12.

  • Klepto4

    Blimey it’s been so long since I saw any of those and do I remember any of them erm nope. Jason X, the original/first and Freddy Vs Jason are the only ones I remember in any detail doh!

  • St.Anger

    I agree with Evan’s list with a few exceptions. Don’t think Jason Takes Manhatten should be anywhere but the bottom.

  • Snoogans

    1. Original
    2. Part 4
    3. Part 2
    4. Part 3
    5. Part 7
    6. Part 6
    7. Part 5
    8. Vs.
    9. Remake
    10. Jason X
    11. Goes to Hell
    12. Part 8

  • John Marrone

    I think the original through the fourth are my favorites. VI brought him back with a vengeance and it was pretty damned awesome to see him so unkillable and ruthless. III was a trip to see in theaters back then and Jason was badass in that – the dream sequence with him looking out that upstairs window, without his mask, used to freak me the hell out! And the side characters were a trip – the house battle was pretty intense – that makes a run as my favorite. Fourth was badass but I didnt like seein him get killed by whiny Tommy – even if it was one of the best horror kills of all time. The Manhattan one where the sewage makes him cry like a little boy is kinda tripped out, but was bigtime disappointing on the city kill front… Freddy vs Jason was OK cuz Jason pretty much beheaded that one-liner little bitch. But the worst to me has to be the remake. I felt none of that pretentious shit. Felt like overdramatized nothing. Made Jason look like a broodin poser – that same shit they do with all the modern characters (Leatherface, Michael Myers, Jason) like theyre victims because they werent brought up right – bitchy little emo bastard writers).

  • John Marrone

    ^note to self – dont drink and rant write

  • MrGiggles24

    I asked all my co-workers and friends today who the killer in the original Friday the 13th is. I was disappointed to find out now one could name Pamela Voorhees.

  • I loved the disco opening credits of part 3 in 3d!

  • mcgillj

    I would say the absolute worst thing you can say about Jason Goes to Hell is that is sadly is NOT a Jason film (for most of the film). I mean c’mon the whole mythology thing was done in Freddy Kruger. And they really needed a logical way to try and live up to the title, the FINAL Friday.

    BUT.. the 9th entry flat out has some of, if not the absolute BEST gore in the complete series. From the disgusting heart chugging, the tent kill, smacking the woman’s teeth down her throat, the bones snapping out of the arm, then squeezing the woman’s hed until it literally explodes out of the top like a geyser. Plus just the insanely over the top opening. Like you said, this movie series had no real logic.. rhyme nor reason after the 5th entry (in fact while I LOVE it, even 4 is pushing well past belivability).

    I agree with most of your list.. 6,4,5,1 and 9 among the top spots. 7 and 8 to the bottom.. with the remake and Freddy vs. fighting in the middle. They weren’t BAD per se, but I like your analogy.. no one could really get these two guys together, but I thought the Chris Maquette character was a damn nice addition. But the whole very clearly divided these are the Elm St. kids those are the Friday kind of kids was really jarring and the two worlds didn’t quite mesh together. Even at the worst, usually a Nightmare flick had at LEAST one semi engaging character something Friday might have learned from.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Good list. I completely agree with the last two. Ugh, Jason Goes to Hell is a chore to watch. I would put Part 2 at the top of my list.


    Final Chapter
    Jason Lives
    Freddy vs Jason
    all the rest
    cept Jason X is dead last. i absolutely hate that movie. it was bad enough he went to NY, but to space? come on! i was 11 when it came out and i hated it then.

  • Very good list, Jason Lives is my favorite because of nostalgia, it was the first Friday I rented, so the first I saw uncut.

  • santaclaws

    PART 6
    PART 5
    PART 8
    PART 2
    PART 3
    PART 4
    PART 7

  • I can’t put them in exact order but I’ll say that the remake, part 6, and Jason X are on top while 4 and 7 are on the bottom.

  • rusted31

    The first 6 are awesome. The rest, not so much.

  • Great list…5 is way too high. I actually had it as the worst one.

  • jdscissorhands

    1. Friday the 13th (2009)
    2. Jason goes to hell
    3. Friday the 13th part 6
    4. Jason X
    5. Friday the 13th
    6. Friday the 13th part 2
    7. Friday the 13th part 3
    8. Friday the 13th part 4
    9. Friday the 13th part 7
    10. Freddy vs Jason
    11. Friday the 13th part 8
    12. Friday the 13th part 5

  • zaglewiz

    I would replace your Number 1 choice “part 6” and replace it with Final Chapter and your list would be mine spot on.

  • divisionbell

    I would have to put 2 at the top and X at the bottom. Otherwise this was good. Like that the reboot is near the top. It doesn’t get nearly enough credit!!

  • Evan3

    I will never understand Evan’s hate for Freddy vs. Jason. It didn’t set out to be a masterpiece, it sent out to be entertaining, and I believe it accomplished that goal with flying colors. It is WAY better than the borderline SyFy channel special that was Jason X. Also, beyond Guill and Van Winkle, there really was nothing to commend the PD version. They forced mom, baghead and hockey mask in a crass money grab with very little logic. Its true that it is the best PD remake, but that doesn’t make a good film.

  • Solid list, I’d say. I appreciate the fact that the remake was placed as high as it was. I feel the same way Evan does, that though it didn’t redefine the franchise, it was certainly the most brutal and intense entry in the series. Derek Mears is the best Jason, better than hobbling Hodder, who just seemed too big and bulky to service the character in the way that the leaner, faster Mears has.

  • Great list!

    Friday The 13th (1980): The original. Jason popping out of the lake at the end has got to be the best, scariest ending in the history of movie making. Basically a rip off of CARRIE but it’s so much better. It’s the icing on the cake of a blatant HALLOWEEN ripoff that had groundbreaking Tom Savini effects, great Harry Manfredini music, creepy atmosphere and an awesome one sheet theatrical poster.

    Jason Lives (1986): My introduction to the series. A great prologue and intro and the expansion of the Tommy Jarvis character. Darcy Demoss is gorgeous! Basically zombie Jason, and the glimpse of him after the lightning bolt strike sticks with you. Fun characters with the habitants glossing over the storied past of Camp Crystal Lake. Also, the original WELCOME TO CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE sign from part 1 at the bottom of the lake is priceless. I want to know how to play that Camp Blood card game, DAMNIT!

    The Final Chapter (1984): Jason hacked to bits, the iconic poster and Judie Aronson. Crispin Glover too.

    Part 2 (1981): Ginny wearing the Mrs. Voorhees sweater and tricking Jason into thinking she’s his mother is so damn good!

    The Remake (2009): Hot girls and a kick ass Jason.

    The New Blood (1988): Jason’s make up is phenomenal. That alone sets this movie above the rest in the series.

    3D (1982): Finally being able to watch this in 3D after all these years explains a lot. Bumps it up a bit.

    A New Beginning (1985): Just like the rest of you I used to HATE this fake-Jason entry. It’s grown on me, possibly by default since the latter films are so bad.

    Jason VS Freddy (2002): Hasn’t aged well, but at least in my opinion, Jason won!

    Jason X (2000): The flashback scene was fantastic! Aaaaaaand that’s about it.

    Jason Goes To Hell (1993): I waited 4 years for this!!! Hasn’t aged well either.

    Jason Takes Manhattan (1989): Jason’s make up is, ahem, horrifying. And not in a good way….

  • Bytor

    I watched most of these this year. 2009 Remake is the best of them all.

  • jaster94

    i’ve seen all F13th movies. i can’t remember most of them,but my favorite is the one where Jason a guy’s head so tight,his eyes puke out

  • CBblitz32

    1.PART 4
    2.PART 5
    3.F v J
    4.PART 3
    5.PART 2
    6.PART 1
    8.JASON X
    9.PART 6
    10.PART 7

  • ZIGGS22

    Friday The 13th (1980)
    Part 4
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Remake (2009)
    Part 6
    Part 5
    Freddy vs Jason

    The rest are a waste of time!!!

  • JasonVoorhees1981

    1. Part 3
    2. Part 4
    3. Part 1
    4. Part 2
    5. Part 6
    6. Remake
    7. Part 7
    8. Freddy vs. Jason
    9. Jason Goes To Hell
    10. Part 5
    11. Jason X
    12. Part 8

  • Vorhees-fan

    I’ve seem them all…at least 10 times each (I grew up on this stuff!) Here’s how I rank them..

    1. Part IV (This one is without a doubt my favorite..I’m glad to see most on here appreciate Part IV like I do!)
    2. Part VI
    3. Part II
    4. Part III
    5. Remake
    6. Part VII (I know I’ll catch heat for putting this one so high on the list..I thought the plot was goofy but Jason was creepy as hell!)
    7. Part I (the original)
    8. Part V
    9. Jason Vs Freddy
    10. Part VIII (I thought his costume was terrible in this one and when the mask comes off I thought the makeup was horribly done).
    11. Jason Goes to Hell
    12. Jason X

  • JasonLivesFan66

    1. Part VI
    2. Part IV
    3. Part II
    4. Remake
    5. Part III
    6. Freddy Vs. Jason
    7. Part VII
    8. Original
    9. Jason Goes to Hell
    10. Part VIII
    11. Jason X
    12. Part V

  • Decapitate

    Would somebody please explain to me why in Jason X it is ever explained how Jason managed to escape from Hell? My guess is it has something to do with the fact that production of Freddy vs. Jason was held up(?)

    My ranking:

    2009 Remake
    Freddy vs. Jason

  • DannyGately

    1. 4
    2. 6
    3. 1
    4. 2
    5. 3
    6. 7
    7. Remake
    8. 5
    9. FvsJ
    10. 8
    11. JGtH
    12. X

    I HATED Jason X with a passion in my heart.

  • LastCubScout

    1. ‘The Final Chapter’
    2. ‘Part 3’ in its original polarized 3-D 35mm theatrical form.
    3. ‘Part 1’
    4. ‘Part 2’
    5. ‘Jason Goes to Hell’
    6. ‘Jason X’
    7. ‘Part 6’
    8. ‘Freddy vs. Jason’
    9. ‘Part 5’
    10. 2009 Remake
    11. ‘Part 7’
    12. ‘Part 8’


    Well… I wont get into it completely… but the entire series/franchise is a bust… I mean they’re good but bad at the same time… All in all the best was the first because of the story. but after that… a dead boy from the age or 12 or something comes back as an adult? Really…? I love and adore the first. The rest are just … okay in my horror eye. There fore I can’t rate them.

  • nostromo82

    5. FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980)
    11. FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009)
    12. JASON X

  • howlin64

    Love them all, you guys are wright up my street keep up the great work 😉

  • Tom

    1. Part 3
    2. Final Chapter
    3. Part 2
    4. Part VII
    6. Part V
    7. Part VI
    8. Part 1
    9. Remake
    10.Jason Goes To Hell
    12.Jason X

    • Tom

      Looks like I jacked up my list.
      Part VIII should go between the original and the remake

      • Tom

        Though I love the series as a whole, to be honest, as I’ve gotten older, I realize I could live without certain entries. Of the 3 Friday the 13th eras, I love the first era. I call this the dark age. It wasn’t until the fourth film that they introduced modern elements into the series such as television and rock music. My point is that the films seemed so cut off from society, which is what made them scary.
        Then of course there are the 4 zombie Jason films of the paramount series, which I’ve grown fonder of in recent years. Lastly, the New Line era. I won’t spend a lot of time ragging on these films. Let’s just say, I may never watch them again in my lifetime and I’m okay with that.

  • jfisher

    This is my favorite slasher series, so I have to comment (even though this is a pretty old post).

    My Ranking:

    1. JASON LIVES- It’s actually well-paced and well-executed and funny! The ending with the boat and the rock tied around Jason’s neck is pretty implausible, but that’s okay. I watch this one the most.

    2. THE FINAL CHAPTER- This is probably the “ultimate” Friday film. It’s still got the vérité, off-the-cuff stuff of the early films, but it’s more focused and structured. The acting is far better than the first three, too. Bonus points for that opening crane shot, it’s a doozy.

    3. PART 2- It has my personal favorite final girl, Amy Steel, and it has a few truly scary images (baghead Jason, wheelchair guy coming down the stairs, Ginny peeing her pants under the bed). I just wish the ending wasn’t so blah.

    4. THE NEW BLOOD – I don’t know why everyone hates this one so much. Yeah, the gore is edited to hell, but it’s like watching a time capsule from the 80s. I admire how the filmmakers seem to embrace the cheese factor and have a bit of fun with it. The Jason makeup effects are top-notch, and the telekinesis stuff didn’t bother me that much. AND Melissa is the best bitchy character in the history of the series and, possibly, movies.

    5. A NEW BEGINNING – The much maligned, Jason-free sequel. I love how scuzzy and off-kilter it is (probably because it was made by a porno director). It actually has a pretty good visual style (love the squad car mounted angle when the cops roll in at the beginning) and some weird, Lynchian bits of dialogue and characters (youtube David Lynch Friday the 13th, you’ll laugh). And it has the biggest body count and (probably) the most tits.

    6. FREDDY VS. JASON – I mean, what did you expect? A “good” movie? This is definitely in the so-bad-its-good category, but I enjoyed it when I saw it in theaters and will literally always watch it if its on TV (which seems to be all the time). Its got a cheesy comic book aesthetic and really really really stupid characters, but the mere fact this movie even exists is enough for me.

    7. PART ONE – You’d think I’d put this one higher on the list, but it’s pretty boring to sit through nowadays. The gore effects are great (I still don’t understand how they did the arrow gag), but its just slow-moving and not at all shocking. Mrs. Voorhees is fun, but she doesn’t appear until the final act and has little to no characterization beyond “crazy woman.”

    8. THE REMAKE – The opening 20 minutes are pretty good, although I HATED the weird decision to put the new Mrs. Voorhees sequence during the opening credits (and in black and white). It could’ve been removed entirely. After the actual movie/story starts we’re treated to a ton of poorly written idiots doing boring shit and dying in not-so-interesting ways. Also, why, in this day and age, do we still need the token minority characters who literally do nothing until they die? Why couldn’t one of them be the main character? Or at least die with a little dignity…

    9. PART 3 – Best thing about this one is the disco theme opening credits. Nothing really stands out except for Jason finally getting his mask and the eyeball popping part that looks really really cheap. I also HATED the weird backstory they gave the main girl. Did Jason sexually assault her? That’s just dumb.

    10. JASON GOES TO HELL – A sad time for horror movies (the early 90s) and a seriously depressing time for the Friday the 13th series. This is just a cheap, ugly, stupid movie. If it had just been an original idea without Jason, I probably would have liked it a little more.

    11. JASON X – Another cheap, ugly, stupid movie that is saved by a handful of funny gags (the sleeping bag bit is pretty funny).

    12. JASON TAKES MANHATTAN – Mind-numbingly terrible. The weird opening narration by some beat poet radio DJ, Jason’s apparent teleportation powers, the fact that they are barely in Manhattan, little boy Jason appearing out of nowhere… Ugh.

  • mpmcdaniel

    1. Friday the 13th The Final Chapter
    2. Friday the 13th Part 2
    3. Friday the 13th Part 3
    4. Friday the 13th (The Original)
    5. Remake
    6. Friday the 13th Part 6
    7. Friday the 13th Part 5
    8. Friday the 13th Part 7
    9. Freddy vs Jason
    10. Jason X
    11. Friday the 13th Part 8
    12. Friday the 13th Part 9

  • VictorCrowley

    01. The Final Chapter
    02. Part 2
    03. Part 3
    04. Part 1
    05. Part 6
    06. Part 7
    07. F vs J
    08. Part 5
    09. Remake
    10. Part 8
    11. JGTH
    12. X

  • Wyckid

    Anybody claiming that FvJ is better than Jason X needs to have their funnybone and irony-bladder checked. That movie was piss-poor in comparison. Jason X was just more of a self-referential comedy and FvJ was just more of a complete shit-fest that sucked and didn’t work no matter how many dollars and bad writers they kept throwing at it.

  • Melissa

    12. Goes to Hell
    11. Manhattan
    10. Freddy vs. Jason
    9. X
    8. New Blood
    7. Remake
    6. Jason Lives
    5. Part 2
    4. Original
    3. New Beginning
    2. 3-d
    1. Final Chapter

    To be honest, I don’t hate any of the Friday films except Jason Goes to Hell. They are all are fun in their own way except that one. The only good part was the opening sequence.After that it was just a mess and stupid writing not that any of the Friday films were written to win an academy award. I hate working every Friday the 13th. It should be a holiday. All I want to do is watch them all back to back….

  • Dustin6595

    This list is pretty good in my opinion, but I think Jason Goes To Hell is actually really underrated.

    1. Part IV
    2. Part II
    3. Part VI
    4. Part 1
    5. Reboot
    6. Part III
    7. Part V
    8. Part IX
    9. FVJ
    10. Part VII
    11. Part X
    12. Part VIII


    My list would be as follows.
    1) The original Friday The 13th
    2) Friday The 13th:The Final Chapter (I have a personal/professional connection to this movie)
    3)Friday The 13th part 2
    4) Friday The 13th part 7
    5) Friday The 13th part 3
    the rest I really couldnt care less

  • Fah Que

    Part 9 has a great opening sequence. I think the remake should be farther down the list seeing as it encompasses the first 4 films, but doesn’t establish an origin of the character. Freddy Vs Jason was good. Part 6 was okay, but definitely NOT number one.

  • ragethorn

    Man, they’re all pretty bad. It’s cute how we grew up with it but unlike Halloween, there’s really no great one. They’re all fun to watch but that’s it.

    • David Angle

      I agree. And at least with Halloween you can make a proper trilogy with characters you like with: Halloween 1, 2, and H20. And then have it end! Michael is dead. (Halloween 8 was literally made to be a cash grab on the success of H20 and thus shouldn’t be acknowledged).

      I also like the mix of Nightmare on Elm Street and New Nightmare being the best in the series.

      • ragethorn

        I’ll take Nightmare 1, Dream Warriors and New Nightmare.

  • Solid ranking. I just put FvJ higher and the remake to the bottom. Objectively, “Jason goes to hell” is worse than the remake, but the remake has no soul. Which is funny, as the franchise is not exactly sacred ground. But Platinum Dunes is known to make soulless movies.

  • Victor Drax

    The order I’d put it would be different, but I absolutely agree with your take on the remake. It’s a solid Friday the 13th, with the best Jason we’ve seen and it’s actually brutal.



    • TheTruthAsIKnowIt

      and she birthed you

    • TheTruthAsIKnowIt

      Your mama no doubt.

  • jennybeth70

    Six is my favorite too. I loved the humor, cared more about the characters, and it had some fun music. The camp actually had kids! I’m sure a lot of people are too young to know who Tommy’s buddy is at the beginning of the movie but for some of us it was hilarious.

    • HorrorNerd&Geek

      Part 6 was great! It was number 4 on my list, after 1, 2, and 4.

  • joewaters

    the remake was bullshit. terrible acting esp by van winkle and that annoying asian guy

  • Chris

    I hate everything after the franchise left Paramount. New Line and Platinum Dunes’s films blow chunks, period!!

  • jdscissorhands

    I really enjoyed the remake. Much cooler than many of the sequels. Part 6 was fun as well. I can’t stand part 5 and the copycat plotline: one of the worst F13 movies along with Freddy vs Jason (Jason is afraid of water? WTF!) and Part 8 (what a piece of s***).
    I don’t agree about Jason X or Jason Goes to Hell: they have some sort of comic book feel that make them much more enjoyable than part 2, 3 or 4.

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    People rag on the remake, but what the hell were they expecting from a series that’s entire lineage was built upon a masked man killing amorous teens in the woods? It’s really just another Friday The 13th. Nothing to love, nothing to really hate either. I dig the ruthless Jason that’s chasing people down though.

    As for Freddy Vs. Jason, another one where I wonder what people expected. It delivers EXACTLY what its title suggest. A battle long awaited at the time with also an ingenious little set up getting them to clash. The kills were still there, and we see the fight fans asked for. After initially not enjoying it all too much, I was too hard on that film.

    This franchise really needs some fresh air though. Any new film should reinvent the franchise for the better in some way shape or form. I think at this point, that’s fine. Just as long as they don’t take that statement and think the answer is found footage.

  • Chase Jenks

    I personally enjoy Jason Takes Manhattan, and New Blood…..but, i didn’t take them that seriously to be honest…so they were fun for me…sure they have terrible acting…but, at points they almost feel like parodies of themselves….New Blood felt like what if Jason fought Carrie or something……and I think in Jason Takes Manhattan….is fine, i don’t expect Jason to go on a 3 million + person killing spree….I wanna say he just figured their were too many…and decided to stay focused on the people he was after….but, since so little of it actually took place in manhattan it didn’t bother me….Yes, the movie was titled Jason Takes Manhattan…but, fuck it. I used to hate Jason X for the longest time…i thought Jason going to space was dumb….but, idk I’ve seen stopped caring and i can watch it………Jason Goes to Hell has gives me a mixed feeling…on one point i like it, but on another point parts of it bores me…..and I’ve always been iffy on the who jason jumping from body to body thing…and The Friday the 13th remake was was a solid Friday the 13th film….its sad this group turned out to be involved with that garbage film that was the Nightmare on Elm St. Remake… The remake was more of a retake on a sequel to the friday the 13th series than an actual reboot….which was better than remaking the first Friday the one could replace Betsy Palmer. and while there have been many people who played Jason…Kane Hodder is still personally my favorite….i wouldn’t really call Jason a zombie….undead yes but, a zombie? no. he more like something higher up on the totem pole of undead than zombies…but, thats just me…..I mean zombies die when you pop them in the head…Jason comes back whenever he feels like it no matter how many times you shoot him in the head. or hack his skull with a machete. This is just me…its a good list but, I still have my own views and opinions on the series. theres nothing in this series that I absolutely hate it certainly not perfect but, too me each film has its charm.

  • SaltSlasher

    The fact that none of the first 3 were not in top 2, I am concerned with your overall knowledge of Friday the 13th. I claim it as my #1 favorite series, and I can’t take a list seriously, unless #1 or #2 are placed in top 2. Once I read through rest, I might have more to say.

  • Jon Rector

    was totally with you until 5. 6,4, 2, and 1 have always been my faves in that order!–and, as a huge fan of the series, they are the ones i recommend-the essentials-to the mythology, and all the good stuff. my most hated ones are 3 and manhattan. .agree with 5 and the re-boot..i think they just had him holding her captive like that/the tunnel maze to appear to a post-saw, torture-porn crowd, though..but i like “goes to hell” a lot, and have always dug 7

    • TheTaskmaster

      i don’t know about 1, but 6 4 2 are my top 3 as well!!!
      but then comes 7. what’s up with the kane hodders being so low. for shame.

  • Rich Stange

    Part 7 should be higher on the list.

    • TheTaskmaster

      definitely. switch it for 5 which is as unwatchable as 8 and 9 but kane hodder-less which makes it even worse.

  • Rich Stange

    I like them like this: 1, 2, 4, 3, 7, 6, 5, Remake, 8, FVJ, X, Hell

  • Galvatron

    Awesome job and everything, but don’t start your list at number one! We need a build up, here!

  • KL

    The so-called “Final Chapter” was to me the best of the series. I still remember watching this in the theater, the whole audience were laughing and screaming in all the right places. Also, this one featured a cast of actors, most of whom actually went on to bigger things.

  • I enjoyed them all, but yes I agree 7 should be higher. If I had the money I would by the whole Blu-Ray collection. I love Friday the 13th series. I also love all the Nightmare on Elm Streets too.

  • HorrorNerd&Geek

    Here’s mine: 1, 2, 4 (Final Chapter), 6 (Jason Lives), 8 (Manhattan), 3 (3D), 7 (New Blood), Jason vs. Freddy, Jason X, Remake 2009, 9 (Jason Goes to Hell), 5 (New Beginning)

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