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The ‘Shadow People’ Come for Judd Nelson

A1 Media Distribution released the below trailer for Anthony Fankhauser’s Shadow People, which stars the Breakfast Club‘s Judd Nelson, Danielle De Luca and Christian Grantt.

The film looks terrible and rocks the hilarious tagline: “A Shadow Monster kills the townspeople.” Oh do they now?

Sylvain, an engineer come vigilante inventor, has constructed a device. It is close to functional, but something isn’t right. His wife, Mary Anne, is running out of patience. She loathes the woods in which they live and yearns for a return to the city. Problems arise when their already tense situation is exasperated by the appearance of shadow beings, which torment them during the night. Sylvain slowly comes to realize that this is not a localized event and some greater scheme might be at work. From the meth producing hillbillies on the mountain top to the corrupt lawman, Sheriff Donnelly, no one can escape the reach of the shadow people. Sylvain starts to suspect his device has something to do with it, but cannot bring himself to destroy the machine he has worked so hard to create…



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