Van Halen's New Music Video For 'She's The Woman' Is Awful - Bloody Disgusting!

Van Halen’s New Music Video For ‘She’s The Woman’ Is Awful

Van Halen has released a video for She’s The Woman and, wow, it sucks. I don’t know who they’ve been getting to storyboard and direct these videos, but that person needs to be fired immediately. Watching David Lee Roth forget which lines to lip-sync to or putting the wrong drum section during a passage is somewhat unbearable. Seriously, when you watch the video (if you choose to do so, of course), you can see that the drums don’t match up at certain points. You’ll hear the snare but you won’t see the snare hit until a beat or two later. Ugh…. If you want to watch the amateur hour, it’s below.

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