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Pre-order Resident Evil 6 For Exclusive Mercenaries Maps

I like me some Mercenaries. I kicked an unruly amount of non-zombie ass in Resident Evil 4’s Mercenaries mode, snapping necks as H.U.N.K. or spin-butter-fly-cartwheel kicking them in the face as Ada Wong. The mode reappeared in RE5, though for some reason I didn’t play it nearly as much the second time around. Obviously, it’s a very popular feature, as it will come with Resident Evil 6 and bring with it all new maps, enemies, and characters to whoop ass with. If you’re the pre-ordering type, you’ll have even more maps to shed J’avo blood on. Check them out after the break!

If you plan on getting the game at GameStop, you’ll receive The Catacombs, where there are “more than just enemies lurking in these catacombs. Be weary of booby traps ready to ensnare you around every corner! Are your reflexes quick enough to avoid them?”

An Amazon pre-order will net you the High Seas Fortress: “An expansive stage that takes you from the deck of an aircraft carrier to the hangars inside. Engage in intense shoot-outs on the deck, but hone your martial arts skills inside the narrow confines of the hangers.”

The third and final map is the Rail Yard, available exclusively at Best Buy. It’s “a multi-level stage in the steel and concrete confines of a railroad yard. Enemies are lurking everywhere, from inside the trains to the roof of the yard. You’ll have to stay on the move to stay alive!”

If you don’t plan on pre-ordering Resident Evil 6 before its October 2nd release you can expect to pay for these sometime after the game’s release.

[News via the Capcom Unity Blog]

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