'At the Mountains of Madness' Summit Gets Things Moving - Bloody Disgusting!

‘At the Mountains of Madness’ Summit Gets Things Moving

Guillermo del Toro is one of the hardest workers in Hollywood, having his name attached to director or produce one of a handful of projects. One of the most anticipated would be At the Mountains of Madness, an H.P. Lovecraft story that’s being developed over at Universal Pictures. The LA Times caught up with Del Toro who says he’s actively engaged with the project and moving ahead with the tale of the mysteries and monsters on an Antarctic expedition. In fact, just last week Del Toro met with studio Universal for the so-called summit meeting in which he walked executives through his concepts and models for the movie. The script is also ready, he said. So how soon could shooting begin? This summer, he hopes, and possibly as early as June, according to the filmmaker. The biggest reveal is that producer James Cameron is actively involved, and was on hand for the summit.