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‘Los Elementales’ Vomits CGI All Over Your Screen

In a forced attempt to bring us the movie in 3-D, Chilean director Jorge Olguin destroyed his second feature film, Los Elementales, by soaking it in horrid CGI. Inside you’ll find the teaser trailer for Olguin’s dark fantasy that’ll arrive in Chilean theaters late 2011. The plot appears to follow a little girl’s adventure deep into the woods, where vicious fairy-like creatures await. Here’s a translated synopsis: “Elementals recounts the odyssey of an American geologist who goes to the south of Chile accompanied by a preteen daughter obsessed with the paranormal. She, who enjoys the strange happenings, go away and encounters a haunted house inhabited by “beings”, among them are the gnomes, elves and fairies.” Olguin directed the Chilean zombie flick Solos.



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