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Celebrate the Horror During ‘Serial Killer Days’!

It pains me to hear that it took nearly 7 years for Mark Carter to get this project off the ground, but it sounds like it may have been worth the wait. I hope you’re ready for a horror celebration, ’cause I know I am! Carter, who had made an award-winning short called “The Ballad of Little Roger Mead,” will be adapting David Prill’s 1996 satirical novel Serial Killer Days, set in a town that celebrates the annual arrival of a serial killer with a parade and a pageant. “The macabre sense of humor was very Charles Addams-ish,” Carter recalls. Execs at Paramount have likened the tone to Scream and Disturbia. “I hope to deliver the expected genre conventions but do it in an idiosyncratic, richly layered and unexpected world,” says Carter. “There will also be lots of blood.” Color me every shade of excited.
Full Synopsis:

For more than twenty years, a serial killer has taken a victim from the town of Standard Springs on the same day in July. And the town has responded as would any American town – by holding its annual fair around the event. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Serial Killer Days. This year Debbie Sue Morning is eighteen and it’s her last chance to win the Scream Queen pageant. But she’s got stiff competition from the other girls, especially Molly Lovey, whose horrible shrieks could raise goose bumps on the dead. And the real truth is that deep down, nothing scares Debbie Sue. Does Debbie Sue have it in her to win the pageant? Is the stranger who shows up in Mrs. Flatwire’s apple orchard actually the killer?



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