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BlackBoxTV Launches; Stream Episode 1, ‘The Perfect Night,’ NOW!

BlackBoxTV used Friday the 13th as a launching pad for YouTube’s first ever programmed channel, which begins with the below “Episode 1: The Perfect Night,” directed by Tony E. Valenzuela.

For 17 year old Julia, the biggest night of her life take an unexpected turn into Silverwood, California and becomes something all together different… and terrifying.

BlackBoxTV is a Horror, Science Fiction and Thriller channel that features stand-alone, scripted episodes inspired by “The Twilight Zone” “Outer Limits” “Tales from The Crypt” “Goosebumps” “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” “Tales From The Darkside” and the works of Stephen King, Wes Craven, Ray Bradbury, H.P. Lovecraft, John Carpenter, Richard Kelly and more. If you are interested in ghosts, vampires, demons, zombies, time travel, poltergeists, aliens, were-cats, serial killers, memory loss, parallel dimensions, and surprise endings then BlackBoxTV is the series for you.

You’ll find full details on the channel’s upcoming programming after the break.

Part of YouTube’s premium programming strategy, BlackBoxTV will present the best in horror, thriller and sci-fi online programming. The new channel will build upon the cult favorite BlackBoxTV anthology online series from the twisted mind of director Tony E. Valenzuela with an array of signature series that will introduce new content on a regular basis. BlackBoxTV will launch with the following chilling programming line-up:

• BlackBoxTV – Tony E. Valenzuela’s original BlackBoxTV: Silverwood series returns – re-imagined and expanded with true spine-tingling stories that offer a mixture of selfcontained horror, suspense and psychological thrills, often ending with an unexpected twist. Each 12-15 minute episode will take fans to the chilling town of Silverwood for pulse-pounding adventures. “The Door” will kick off the BlackBox TV channel at 10:00 AM Pacific on April 13th.

• Anthony E. Zuiker Presents – This anthology series will feature 12-15 minute episodes developed from the mastermind behind the CSI franchise. One episode will be released each month including an episode titled “Execution Style,” a story about three highlyskilled assassins who clash over which of them took down a five million dollar target. The episode was directed by Lexi Alexander (Punisher: War Zone).

• Black Friday – Entertainment Tonight meets Attack of the Show for the horror/sci-fi set. Hosted by This Week in Horror creator Matt Raub, and official media partner of Bloody-, this broadcast magazine format series will explore genre pop culture (TV, film, music, etc). New episodes will debut each Friday, with the first coming in April.

• True Stories A thrilling reality series focused on the scary and supernatural, including sleepovers in real haunted houses and exploring frightening places.





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