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Greg Mclean’s ‘Dark Axis’ Is Now Online, And You’ve Probably Never Heard Of It



Horror director, Greg Mclean, the man behind the Wolf Creek film, has a four part, bi-weekly online comic series set for release over the course of the next few weeks, titled Dark Axis. The series is published by Ape Entertainment and Diezel Punk, Mclean’s own company, and it ventures back to WW2 for an alternate history that involves Nazi monsters and machines (that’s a metaphor if I ever heard one) wreaking havoc all over Europe. Issue #1 was released on April 10 and you can purchase the next three issues through the COMICS+ App at iTunes for only a buck. Read on for the skinny…

Press Release:

From the imagination of horror director Greg Mclean (Wolf Creek, Rogue) comes DARK AXIS – SECRET BATTLES of WW2, a four part comic book series published by San Diego based Ape Entertainment and Diezel Punk. Digital editions will now be released via the COMICS+ App at iTunes.

After the release of DARK AXIS #1 on April 10, 2012 – editions 2, 3 & 4 will be released every two weeks and cost 99 cents each.

DARK AXIS #1 April 10

DARK AXIS #2 April 24

DARK AXIS #3 May 8

DARK AXIS #4 May 22

Mclean describes Dark Axis as “an action adventure mash up of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ meets ‘Evil Dead 2’. Featuring secret Nazi weapons, terrifying monsters and futuristic machines that reveal the history of a sprawling, evil conspiracy that almost changed the course of the war. The result is an alternate World War II history, as you’ve never seen it before.”

Mclean, also one of the writers, has collaborated with Chris Wheeler and Jason M. Burns in creating the story and artists Xavier Irvine (Australia based) and Luis Guerrer (US based) to bring the vision to life.

DIEZEL PUNK is a new publishing venture from Mclean that will focus on creating comic books and graphic novels; DARK AXIS is the company’s first title with more currently in development.

Issue one of DARK AXIS begins as Allied forces move deep into occupied Germany. A battle-hardened veteran, Sgt. Bryce, is given a cushy scout mission with the only problem being a squad of useless recruits tagging along. They find

a treasure map on a dead SS deserter and Bryce leads his squad to a hidden German facility, full of incredible machines, advanced technology and riches. It appears completely deserted, but when one of his squad vanishes, ripped apart by ‘something lurking in the shadows, Bryce realizes too late – they’re not alone!

“This one kicks Sergeant Fury in the ass!” – RAZORCAKE

“It’s really exciting when someone who is really great in one field crosses over to another and does it effortlessly.” – NONCANONICAL COMICS PODCAST

Search iTunes for “COMICS+” or go to:


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