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Garth Ennis Brings Back ‘The Shadow’!



Dynamite has been picking up some steam with their releases over the past year, and this is perhaps the biggest of the bunch. Famed writer, Garth Ennis with artist Aaron Campbell are re-imagining The Shadow, and it begins later this month. Ennis is well known for his dark and no holds barred writing style that matches up perfectly with the old-time hero. The original character dates back to the 1930s, a pulp style crime-fighting vigilante with mysterious powers and his signature red bandana tied around his mouth. The new series will travel back to late 1930s New York for a dark spy series that will inevitably be one of Dynamite’s best of the year. Check out the preview below.

WRITTEN BY: Garth Ennis
ART BY: Aaron Campbell
PUBLISHER: Dynamite Entertainment
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: April 18

1938: The Shadow returns in a tale of blazing action and deadly intrigue, as a night of carnage on the New York waterfront plunges the mysterious vigilante into a conspiracy involving the fate of the world itself. As storm clouds gather across the globe, American Military Intelligence meets with a certain Lamont Cranston, determined to beat a host of spies and assassins to the greatest prize of all… but what that might be, only the Shadow knows.