[Contest] ‘Wrong Turn 5′: Enter To Win A Walk-On-Role In The Next Chapter Of The ‘Wrong Turn’ Franchise!

  • Jhanse3 (Jhanse29)

    DDang I don’t have an official passport. Just the damn passport card which won’t let me leave by plane just boat and car to Mexico and Canada. Shoulda just spent the extra cash for the real passport…

  • djblack1313

    DECLAN SUCKS!!!! HE’S RUINED THIS FRANCHISE!! Holy Fuck he must be blowing someone at Fox or is doing these movies for free. i’m sorry but part 3 and especially part 4 are two of the worst pieces of shit i’ve ever seen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646643034 Gavin Davies

    Part 3 did suck, but 4 was slightly stronger. The problem is, they don’t give him money for practical fx, so he’s stuck using Syfy level CGI. Someone needs to pay Rick Baker to come and do the fx.

  • dunnno

    Great contest, but as it takes place in Bulgaria, i don’t understand why they don’t look for european people (like me) to play in that movie… And that would cost way less too…

  • edrew_7

    If they’re seriously wanting to continue this franchise with some level of respect, they need to fire this hack Declan, get the original team back together (including Eliza and Desmond), and make a quality horror film that fans of the series actually like.

  • FreddyKrueger13

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ALL THE WRONG TURNS!!!!!!!!!!! BRING THIS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Se_7_eN

    @djblack – I think that is the angriest post I have ever seen from you… I am guessing you aren’t excited for this?

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.bunch1 Aaron Bunch

    Wrong Turn 4 was epic. He made a strong impression going forward with the movie. The first one is ultimately the best but the 2nd/3rd were both were horrible movies. I only hope good things to come with part 5 b/c with his performance in part 4 he has to keep getting stronger.

  • FleshofCaligula

    Watch I enter this and I’ll prob win right?

  • Boonraiser

    I can’t believe they actually want to make a 5th after the last 2 abominations. The quality has dropped to the level of basic cable sci-fi tripe.

  • MovieGeek

    Hated Part 3 but loved the 4th film. If Declan makes the 5th film like that one I’ll be fine with it.

  • MovieGeek

    And if Wrong Turn 4 was one of the worst films you’ve seen DJblack you need to see MORE movies.

  • djblack1313

    Se_7_eN, LOL! sorry about that. i just LOVED the first one (it’s one of my all time faves) and i DO like the 2nd one but the 3rd and 4th this Declan creep fucked up so bad! lol. i just don’t understand how this hack keeps getting gigs. it’s clear Fox doesn’t really care about this franchise.

  • staindFAN

    Amen @djblack1313. I can’t believe he’s back to do a third entry too! WTF? Love the first and second films. Part three is terrible. Part four was slightly better then three, but still not great. Get a new director already!!!

  • Slasher_Lover23

    The way I see it is, there have been 2 great entries in the series (1 and 2). And two AWFUL entries (3 and 4), and I will give this one a chance and see which one it will fall under. Give it a fair chance. Even if it is by the same guy who did the last two.

  • MovieGeek

    Declan is cheap to hire, gets the film done on time and budget and the films sell well when come out on DVD/Blu. Why would FOX get rid of him? They don’t give a shit what the fans think as long as these films keep making money.

    I still stand by Wrong Turn 4. It doesn’t touch 1 or 2 but it was far better than 3. I enjoyed it A LOT more than I expected.

  • DeathSeeker180

    Wrong Turn 5? Fuck me with a fork…