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Lost Planet 3 Dev Hiring For “Bold New Take On 3rd Person Action/Horror genre”

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Capcom recently handed over the reins of yet another of their major IPs to Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Legendary developer Spark Unlimited. This practice of sourcing out their games to third party devs has yielded mixed results; the Dead Rising series, developed by Blue Castle Games, has fared pretty well critically, but Operation Raccoon City — developed by SOCOM studio Slant Six Games — was met with a substantially less positive reception when it released last month. While I’m sure Spark Unlimited is busy enough handling development of Lost Planet 3, it looks like they have another project in the works as well. More after the jump.

According the Spark Unlimited jobs page, the California based studio is currently searching for people to work on Lost Planet 3 and a secret 3rd person action/slasher/horror game based on an established console franchise. If the job listing on their website and another on Gamasutra are anything to go by, this game will come to the Xbox 360 and PS3, use Epic’s Unreal engine, have some sort of multiplayer component, and feature “sword fighting, martial arts and weapons.” Spark has already worked on a Capcom property before; could this be an Onimusha sequel?

If you feel you’re qualified for one of the many of the open positions you should definitely send them you’re resume. Be sure to tell them Adam sent you.

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