‘Tape 407’ Becomes ‘Area 407’ For IFC Midnight’s Release

  • Kroork

    Well I they wanted to keep what was attacking them
    A secret they failed. That trailer showed xactly
    What was attacking them. I am
    So sick of studios spoiling movies with their trailers!!!

  • edrew_7

    Looks like fun to me! I’m getting kind of bored with the “found footage” genre, but this has some potential.

  • SickAxe

    looks nice, but its similar to the movie Evidence

  • Octocat

    Damn, it’s just a raptor ?

  • drmb1990

    Jurassic Park meets Cloverfield eh?

  • el terror

    Looks like it could be a sequel to “Evidence” which was great.

  • Taboo

    Yeah I got the Cloverfield vibe jeje

  • FleshofCaligula

    It’s Paranormal Jurassic. i like this idea, hoping its more to it.

  • FleshofCaligula

    Oh it better an amazing twist ending. Not like OMG they all die, LOL thats in every foundfootage movie. I want to see like the camera pan up and you see like a shit load of dinosuars or the world ending or something amazing like the end of Take Shelter

    • http://www.facebook.com/Tidalwolf Grayson Negron

      Yeah, like try to do what they tried to do in the 1963 version of The Birds. Hitchcock’s original plans were to have a scene where all the birds are flying over the Golden Gate Bridge, but it cost too much at the time.