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Yet ANOTHER Hungry Shark Pic Named ‘Bait’; This One By Bret Easton Ellis!

I had to re-read this article a few times as the title confused the hell out of me. Picture Machine and Galavis Films are developing Bret Easton Ellis’ (writer of “American Psycho”) screenplay Bait, a Spain-set thriller to be directed by Jonas Pate. The reason for my confusion is that the title is the same as Arclight’s now-filming tiger shark attack flick being directed by Kimble Rendall, and starring Xavier Samuel and Julian McMahon. Even more peculiar is the plot, which centers on a disturbed woman who holds a group of American students hostage in shark-infested waters. Ellis’ story sounds way more appealing, but it should be known that there are now two shark movies named Bait in production. Anyhoo, Lionsgate has first look at domestic rights. Producers are aiming to shoot the film in the spring at Ciudad de la Luz studios in Alicante, Spain, as well as on the open water.



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