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Video: Inside ‘The Walking Dead’: A Look Ahead

The Walking Dead‘s first season ended quite literally with a bang, leaving many fans grappling with burning questions as to the fate of Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors. In this new video, The Walking Dead cast and crew address some of these questions and discuss their hopes for Season 2. “Is there a chance of a cure, will they survive, where will they go?” asks Producer Denise Huth. Executive Producer Frank Darabont, for his part, adds: “I want the audience to feel uncertain when they tune in.” Check out this new video interview with the producers as well as cast members Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori), Jon Bernthal (Shane), Laurie Holden (Andrea) and more, and you just may get some valuable insight into where “The Walking Dead” is heading next. My own personal hope is that Darabont figures out how to bring some character development to the table, everyone is so one-dimensional.



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