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Retailer BT Games Is Accepting Your Dead Space 3 Pre-orders

It seems South African-based BT Games knows something we don’t, as the retailer has begun accepting pre-orders for the still-unannounced Dead Space 3. EA hasn’t officially announced the game, though with the critical and commercial success of the last one, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear about it soon. There’s been no shortage of rumors about the game over the last couple months, including a possible snowy setting, that it could possibly use the Frostbite engine Battlefield 3 used, and that Isaac Clarke’s split personality disorder. In the past, BT Games has revealed Jak and Daxter HD and Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, so it’s entirely possible that Dead Space 3’s announcement is very close. What would you like to see from the game?

[News via IGN]

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