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WIN Extremely Collectible ‘The Innkeepers’ Gatefold DVD Release Signed By Ti West

An New England inn about to close for good is the classically creepy setting for The Innkeepers, the acclaimed new film from Ti West, the young filmmaker whose critically praised House of the Devil gave the genre a jolt. Starring Sara Paxton, Pat Healy and Kelly McGillis, The Innkeepers comes to Blu-ray and DVD from Dark Sky Films and MPI Media Group on April 24, 2012.

But before you can get your hands on the physical release of the supernatural chiller, Bloody Disgusting is going to give you a chance to win an extremely rare, collectible and not-for-sale “gatefold” release of the film signed by West, along with a signed poster and DVD!

The official prizing is as follows:

(1) Grand Prize Winner: (1) The Innkeepers gatefold signed by Ti West, (1) The Dude Designs poster for The Innkeepers signed by Ti West, Pat Healy and Sara Paxton & (1) DVD of The Innkeepers
(1) First Prize: (1) The Innkeepers gatefold signed by Ti West & (1) DVD of The Innkeepers
(3) Second Prize: (1) DVD of The Innkeepers

How to Enter:

Open U.S. residents only, all you have to do is take the time to leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite Ti West movie is (The Roost, House of the Devil, Cabin Fever 2, Trigger Man) and why. Also tell us why you deserve to win. We’ll randomly pick (5) names this coming weekend and contact you via private message. No P.O. boxes accepted.

After over one hundred years of service, The Yankee Pedlar Inn in Connecticut is shutting its doors for good. The last remaining employees – Claire (Sara Paxton, Shark Night 3-D, The Last House on the Left) and Luke (Pat Healy, Dirty Girl) – are determined to uncover proof of what many believe to be one of New England’s most haunted hotels. As the inn’s final days draw near, odd guests start to check in and the pair of minimum wage “ghost hunters” begin to experience strange and alarming events that may ultimately cause them to be mere footnotes in the hotel’s long mysterious history.

Writer-director Ti West has revealed a unique style that pays tribute to classic horror of the 1970s and ’80s with the bold spirit of the new American independent cinema. THE INKEEPERS, which co-stars Kelly McGillis (Top Gun, Stake Land), was an award-winning hit on the film festival circuit and opened to rave critical reviews last week in theaters nationwide.

The Innkeepers, which blends the classic ghost story style with a solid modern twist is an original Dark Sky Films in partnership with Glass Eye Pix. The extras on the Blu-ray and DVD will include: The Innkeepers: Behind the Scenes, Commentary with Writer/Director/Editor Ti West, Producers Peter Phok & Larry, Fessenden, and 2nd Unit Director/Sound Designer Graham Reznick, Commentary with Writer/Director/Editor Ti West and Stars Sara Paxton & Pat Healy and Trailer

Purchase the DVD on Amazon.



  • Cabin Fever 2. I had very low expectations going into this film because I was not a fan of the first one when I watched it. However, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it. I even went back and gave Part 1 another chance and ended up enjoying it too. Being a huge fan of horror this grand prize package would do absolute wonders to my growing horror dvd and memorabilia collection. Thank you for your consideration and for continuing to host such awesome contests.

    P.S. Jumped out of my seat when I saw that old guy standing behind the girl in the movie trailer. Look forward to seeing this film.

    • PatrickxJonathan

      It’s great. Couple good scares, as well as laughs.

    • Jessica

      As much as I enjoy house of the devil, cabin fever 2 is my favorite. I really enjoyed the laughs, just as much as the scares and I love it when a movie can pull off both. I think cabin fever 2 pulled it off very well and I honestly didn’t go into the movie with very high expectations, but I was definitely very pleasantly surprised and loved every second! I think I would deserve to win because I’ve been a horror fan since I was a young’n and I definitely love collecting rare and collectible horror things!

    • jaimajaima

      definitely house of the devil. huge sucker for 80s genre films. (and 70s for that matter). ti’s the fuckin man.

  • Grime

    The Roost. And I don’t really deserve to win this.

  • I’m going to have to say Cabin Fever 2! I am a life-long horror movie fan and toy collector and I have The Innkeepers coming next in line on Netflix….I just can’t wait to see it, I am anxious to see if it will live up to my expectations…its been quite a long time since I have been truly frightened! SCARE ME, I dare ya!

  • PatrickxJonathan

    House of the Devil. It had a great throwback feeling to the classic genre films of the late 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s. He did a great job keeping the film at a slow tense pace without ever compromising the rest of the film. “Slow burn” is the best term I can use to describe it. He created a great film that seemed geared towards genre fans and not a dumbed down mass market movie. The final act leading towards the ending makes the whole film worth it in the end. Slow burn with a good payout.

    • PatrickxJonathan

      Also, I deserve to win because not only am I a huge Ti West fan, but a huge genre fan as well. I am active just about every day here on Bloody-Disgusting, and I also tell friends and family about the site constantly. I also deserve to win, because the last contest I won (Coalesce record) I never received my prize from No Sleep records. 😐

  • PeteyHalfSox

    Loved House of The Devil, been waiting to see this, cant beat good ghost stories!

  • My favorite Ti West movie is House of the Devil, the roost and The Innkeepers were both awesome, but I absolutely love that one. I deserve to win because I’ve never won a contest on here before and uh…I’m awesome.

  • Spineline

    House Of the Devil. Going in I had a feeling this would be another film that had a concept set to scare you and fail in doing so. Instead me, (being a person that I feel doesn’t get scared watching movies often), was pleasently surprised and once the girl decides to babysit in that house it sealed the deal as I couldn’t look away from what would happen next. Its a concept like this that seems just real enough to send shivers down your spine and rooting for the person to just get the heck out of there. This was a great throw back to the best and simplest scares in a low budget setting, something I love watching, and experiencing.

  • The-13th-Koyote

    “House of the Devil” is easily my favorite, although I am very excited about “the Innkeepers”. What made HOTD so wonderful was a variety of things. While the suspense was wall-crawling for a woman-alone-in-a-scary-place film, the magnum and sudden violence that bursts from the shadows at random moments adds a level of uncertainty to the viewer’s already jangled nerves. Add a little Noonan for good measure and you’ve got a solid chill. But as if this wasn’t enough there is the nostalgia factor that is so lovingly executed here to details as large as the film equipment to as small as the pepsi cups at the pizza joint. The big hair and opening synth theme make you feel like you’ve just brought home a VHS gem from the family owned video store again. Love this movie. Love it.

  • kilspencer

    My favorite is The House of the Devil. The way West filmed the movie as if it were really released in the 80’s was genius. The slow-burn intensity, the soundtrack, and Samantha’s dancing are all also great. I deserve to win this because I went to my local theater 3 times to see The Innkeepers and rented it twice on demand- paying each time. I’m supporting good horror here! And I’m desperate for that gatefold blu ray.

  • The-13th-Koyote

    P.S. Oh yes, and I deserve to win because I am horror-nerdy enough to have written that at 8:30 in the morning.

  • romanthemysterian

    My favorite Ti West film is definitely The House of the Devil. The Roost had some great moments, Cabin Fever 2 was hilarious fun, and The Innkeepers kept a creepy, unsettling atmosphere throughout (I have yet to see Trigger Man), but House has all of West’s elements (slow-build, retro feel, Tom Noonan) at their best culminating in a real roller coaster of a finale (plus it has A.J. Bowen and that AWESOME headshot). I deserve to win this because I love collectables and I would truly cherish it.

  • Julian Nunez

    House of the Devil is my favorite Ti West film. It’s my favorite because it has everything a horror movie should have, suspense, a creepy atmosphere, a good lead, and having you talk about the movie even when it’ over. I also loved the antagonist’s, the one who performed the “ritual”, face design. It was creepy. I think I deserve to win because, well I love horror movies and owning The Innkeepers signed movie and poster would be awesome.

  • SickDaddyStu

    “House of the Devil” was easily my favorite of West’s films so far. It was such a throwback to a day when horror flicks knew how to build real suspense and kick you in the teeth with a nasty ending….it was his most effective film to date. As for deserving to win? I am a lifelong, disturbed horror freak and uber-collector who really needs a truly rare addition to my collection.

  • House of the Devil for sure! It was terrifying – and I like to be scared when watching a movie from this genre. I deserve to win because I thought up the name ‘The Talking Dead’ for one of your podcasts. Thank you for this amazing and awesome contest!!!!!

  • Scott-GHI

    Probably a cross between ‘The Roost’ and ‘House of the Devil’. ‘The Roost’ was a ZERO budget horror film that managed to be atmospheric, creepy, well-made and original. That movie got me interested in an up-and-coming genre director. ‘House of the Devil’ solidified my feelings about Ti West by convincingly being a great, effective thriller in the vein of the horror heydays of the late 70s/early 80s. Those two films made me a HUGE fan of his work.

    I am one of the stars on Syfy Channel’s ‘Ghost Hunters International’ and have just begun to make the switch to acting and directing low-budget, independent horror myself and Ti West is one of my main influences.

    Would LOVE to win a copy of ‘The Innkeepers’. Been tracking the development of this film for quite some time! 🙂

  • Loved House of the Devil….reminded me of watching various movies as a kid

  • Zaero

    My favorite Ti West film is ‘The House of the Devil.’ The pacing, cinematography, performances and soundtrack all led to one of my favorite Horror experiences in a theater in some time, that is, until I saw ‘The Innkeepers’.

    I deserve to win because I’ve been visiting this site since it’s inception, and have been a dedicated reader. I love the way Ti West makes films by allowing for the terror to unfold on its own. Not bombard you with jump-scares every 10-15 minutes to keep the audience in check. Ti West has more respect for his audience than most other Horror directors.

    That, and I REALLY want that poster. That is probably one of my favorite posters of all time. Beautifully executed, and captures the spirit (hah) of the film nicely.

  • hrvstrsrrw

    Loved House of the Devil! By far, my favorite by Ti West. Great throwback, great atmosphere.

    I think I should win just because… I’d really like to.

  • FilthyBeast666

    I forgot he did the Roost, saw that on chiller channel and was pretty cool. I really like House of the devil though. Satanic/occult horror is my favorite and plus I love the Fixx’s song that she dances too. Good creepy story that I want from an indie film. I don’t have netflix and this didn’t play near me so unless I buy it on DVD it will be a while to see this otherwise. It’ll look nice next to HOTD on my shelf though

  • Mr.Macabro

    I love House of the Devil. It captured that vintage horror felling beat by beat.

  • House of the Devil, no question. It’s totally old-school, like a cult horror film from 1982 (and I mean that in the best way.) Ti West really respects my intelligence as a genre fan, which I appreciate tremendously.

    I deserve to win this because a) I rarely win anything and b) I will bother everyone I meet to immediately come over to your site 😉

  • davidbleezy

    House of the Devil! Are you kidding me. That movie scared the crap out of me. The suspense was almost unbearable. I would have bounced as soon as that giant creep answered the door. His voice gave me the heebeejeebees. And I deserve to win cause I’m a new member to this site. Think of it as a welcoming gift.

  • KingCujo

    I’m partial to The Roost. Really liked West’s use of light and shadow in that film and his ability to make something that is essentially campy into a seriously atmospheric mood piece. I deserve to win because at every turn, my attempts to see The Innkeepers were thwarted. Had computer trouble ordering it on VOD, was out of town when it played NY, and tried to see it in Kansas City when I was working there but the theatre had only two showings on it’s opening weekend and NONE during the week! The collectibles would be a great added bonus!

  • My favorite would have to be Cabin Fever 2- that movie was fun & bloody. It really was a smooth sequal. Although I really did like House of the Devil, I actually liked the Innkeepers better. Ti West is a great filmmaker and I have yet to be disappointed.

  • CurlyBurl

    Even though I definitely share everybody’s adoration for House of the Devil, which is undoubtedly a horror classic already…I have to go with The Innkeepers.

    The thing that set The Innkeepers apart from the hundreds (if not thousands) of horror movies I’ve seen over the years is the characters. For the first time for as long as I can remember, we have two protagonists who aren’t cookie-cutter stereotypes with no brains. They’re not obnoxiously witty teenagers whose only purpose in the film is to be sliced and diced into a thousand pieces. They feel real. I honestly momentarily forgot about the impending horrors at the beginning of the film, because their on-screen chemistry and friendship was so compelling. They’re two very real people who you end up rooting for, instead of waiting to see how the killer can butcher them in the most bloody way possible. And that’s what I think horror needs more of – not more bloody-soaked bimbos and douchebag jocks. While it’s definitely a lot of fun to see those typical types be eviscerated, there’s something much more chilling and enjoyable when you feel like someone close to you is at risk of horrible circumstances. Ti West is ushering in a new breed of horror movie, one that focuses more on fun, simplicity and treating the audience in the way they deserve. This is why he’s my favorite director, and that’s why winning this would mean so much to me. Cheers guys!

  • joseph rush

    i would say house of the devil good concept and loved the way they made it look old .plus i deserve to win because like the character in innkeepers i too have asthma

  • My favorite so far is “The Innkeepers.” I watched it on VOD and enjoyed it so much I bought an out of state ticket when it opened in theaters.

  • wampa43

    House of the Devil is amazing! If I didn’t know it was made a few years ago, I would swear it was made in 1982. It definitely captures a mood and feeling. So unexpected and cool. I think I should win the Innkeepers gatefold DVD cause I love the Innkeepers! I watched it twice On Demand and once in the theater and it got better every time! I can’t wait to get the DVD and watch all the special features!

  • I absolutely love House of the Devil. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first watched but was delighted. The acting was fantastic and the movie was well made in general.Definitely reminded me of the satanic cult type movies of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. love it! Also loved Cabin Fever 2 but gotta say House of the Devil is my favorite. Would love to win am definitely a fan of Ti’s!

  • My favorite Ti West movie would have to be The House of the Devil. It is such a great horror film that actually engaged me and immersed me into its world. I loved that it was very reminiscent of the films I loved growing up with as a child. As an avid horror aficionado, I grew up watching the classic horror films like Friday The 13th, Rosemary’s Baby, Last House On The Left, Black Christmas, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street among others when I was a child in kindergarden while others my age grew up watching that Barney crap and Mr. Rogers. I did not, I watched horror. I breathe horror. House of the Devil took me back to those times as a child. I deserve to win because currently I am a broke college student on the verge of having a nervous breakdown (again) by the time finals come. I have two Anatomy & Physiology tests ON THE SAME DAY along with other research papers to do and study for and winning this contest would be a great way to end the semester with since I love horror and Ti West.

  • House of the Devil! Although I seem to love everything West does! He is such a throwback to the many nights I spent in the 80s either watching VHS tapes or at the drive in, but in the best way possible. I love every bit of House and its SLLLOOOOWWWWW BURN!

  • “The House of the Devil” is my favorite Ti West film because when I first succumbed to it’s powers, I felt it instantly tapped into a time in my life when I truly came of age. The film is such a cunning throwback to the great horror films of the late 70’s/early 80’s that I almost felt I was transported via cinematic time machine to a superior stretch of my life as a young person. The dread and unease West creates is unmatched by anything I’ve seen in any recent movie (no matter the genre) and Greta Gerwig’s turn as the Goober Sidekick of the Century rocks the cheese off my pizza. To this day, word that an lunar eclipse is looming fills me with fear and loathing.

    I feel I should win this contest because I adore scary movies (especially ones written and directed by Ti West) and “The Innkeepers” was one that has haunted me since I first saw it. I love that more than just being a ghost story, it also appeared to be about two misfits finding each other in a world of crap. The performances are amazing… the chills, profound… and BEST OF ALL, the lights are on the whole time in that hotel. Shudder.

  • canneryrowdoc

    Oh man I love HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. “Are you not the babysitter?” Blam! classic. I also love the end of Trigger Man, truly underrated, but it takes patience to get through the first 40 mins of that one.

  • I should win because I love Ti west and will be seeing V/H/S on friday in Boston (which is making this week bearable). House of the Devil is a horror masterpiece! And my favorite.

  • jonathan562

    I love all of TI West movies but my favorite movie is the innkeepers hands down. This movie had everything horror, thriller, and humor. This was one of my favorite horror movies that I have ever seen I also think that sara Paxton did an awesome job in the film she made it look like it was real, that the hotel was really hunted. I think that TI West is becoming one of the best horror directors. I always check his twitter to see what his up to because he is a genius when making horror movies. I think that I should win this because I’m a huge supporter of indie films and I think that they are even better than big studios movies and they are original not remakes. I can’t wait to see TI west new movies The Side effects, Bedbugs, and V/H/S they are going to be awesome!!!

  • Travis

    My favorite Ti West film is The House of the Devil. Though I loved The Innkeepers and found Cabin Fever 2 to be enjoyable, I loved the build up within ‘House.’ I thought the film was a great slow-burn horror flick that paced itself very well and ended with a satisfying pay off. You can easily tell it’s a Ti West film and it’s his best one at that. And I think I deserve to win this because mainly for the same reasons that everyone else deserves to win, but also because the idea of owning a DVD like this in the gatefold edition is something that I can appreciate and would love to add to my collection.

  • inksb

    House of the Devil. The atmosphere and “slow burn” just sucked me in like no other horror film has in a long time. The Innkeepers has a very similar vibe which I love but I can’t judge that film off of one screening. Ti is by far one of the best working directors out there. I can’t wait for his new sci-fi film. I deserve to win because the grand prize was actually made specifically for me.

  • babagloom

    My favorite Ti West movie is House of the Devil. It’s a great throwback to late 70’s/early 80’s horror. The horror builds at an awesomely slow pace.

    I think I should win this because my birthday is approaching and I will be celebrating it alone, like I have the past 2 years. It’d be nice to get a present. Plus, I pretty much only care about horror and have no horror collectibles.

  • schizophrenic-kyle

    My fave Ti west movie is House of the Devil. It worked really well as a throwback to older horror plus all the genre stars in it were awesome.

    I should win because im so poor I’ll never be able to afford this unless its given to me. I’m selling my plasma im so poor and will be willing to sell my blood to any vampires out there…(just no biting please)

  • Slampig

    House of the Devil is by far my favorite Ti West film. That slow burn creepiness and then the final few minutes really had me on edge. Although, Cabin Fever 2 was really enjoyable as well.

    As for why I deserve to win? I am me…

  • Fiesty-Cadaver

    House Of The Devil is my favorite Ti West film. It’s rare, these days, that I find a slice of horror that really creeps me out, but this film delivered. It took me back to a time when I was just a pimply kid stayin up every friday and saturday night watching back 2 back 2 back horror flix on cable tv. In other words…”The 80’s are back, so bring your fanny pack, and we’ll stuff it full of awesome”!!!

    I deserve to win(without sounding too egotistical)simply because, I am the self-proclaimed horror movie expert…my knowledge of bullshit is limitless.

    Oh, and…..F*CK GROUCHO!!!

  • Jason Adams

    I love House of the Devil and The Roost is great fun but I think my favorite is Trigger Man, which was made for like five dollars and manages to create a stifling atmosphere of fear anyway. And I deserve to win because I saw Ti once at a screening and I didn’t molest him. Much.

  • RVGallegos13

    Of course The Innkeepers is my favorite Ti West film to date. Not including it, I would say Trigger Man is my second favorite because it’s really intense. I love the way Ti West builds tension before the big payoffs. I deserve this LTD Edition because I missed out on the House of the Devil VHS.

  • MikealBurgin

    Ok, first off my favorite Ti West film of the 4 listed is HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.

    Now, to touch on why I deserve to win. I hate to admit it, but I live in Iowa, where nothing cool or exciting ever happens. When you consider what cinematic novelties the state of Iowa is know for (FIELD OF DREAMS, BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY, and the boring simpleton state that Julia Roberts moved to in SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY in order to escape her husband) it’s easy to understand why I should win this kick ass DVD.

    Iowa is not known for anything cool related to horror cinema, to bring this rare and eccentric prize to my state cements a foot into the lame ass cinematic sidewalk of Iowa and gives us a small nugget of awesomeness that we can FINALLY be proud of.

    I will honor the chore bestowed upon me to hold onto such a prize and watch over it with pride. This baby won’t end up on eBay, it will remain safe and displayed for everyone to see, and when they do they will know that Iowa can kick a little horror ass by winning a contest for once.

    Help me bring home the prize, please select me and rescue this mundane state from the horror neglect!

    M. Burgin

  • The House of the Devil. This movie brought back fond memories of late 70’s and early 80’s horror and began to show me that West had the skills necessary to pull off a proper “slow burn” horror that really settles in under your skin then rips it off in the last 20-30 minutes. It’s like starting to peel off a band-aid that you know is going to hurt like hell but taking half an hour to get it off.

  • adam holtzapfel

    I’ve gotta say House of the Devil, had a classic slow burn feel to it. And Tom Noonan was great in it. I deserve to win this because I’m having back surgery tomorrow & could use something new to watch while I’m laid up for 6 weeks, this would also look great in my collection.

  • wesley welsh

    Cabin Fever 2 is my favorite 🙂 As for why I should win, Ive had a sucky 10 days.

    Wifes dentist bill : $9850
    Septic failed last weekend: $7800 for a new septic
    Yesterday I got into a car accident heading over to help my grandmother. That will only be : $500, but still sucks . 🙂

  • deadkidsean

    My favorite of Ti’s films is The House of the Devil. He nailed the aesthetic more than any horror film in a long, long time, and his use of the slow burn terrified and chilled me straight to my bone. One of the most genuinely shocking and scary climaxes in decades, imo.

    As to why I deserve the gorgeous gatefold that has been put together, I’m an avid horror collector and would love nothing more than to add this to my collection next to the VHS copy of The House of the Devil I got from a couple of years ago.

    Thanks, BD!!!

  • HavokAndChaos

    “The House of the Devil” is easily my favorite West film because it is probably one of the best “period” films ever made and is an enjoyable horror flick at the same time. I think I deserve to win because I already have the VHS copy of that film, and need to add the gatefold release of The Innkeepers to my collection.

  • Erycka

    My favorite Ti West film besides the Innkeepers would have to be “House of the Devil” because that was the first film I’ve seen by him. It was a great horror film! Scared the shit out of me. Also, I deserve to win because I mad an account on this site JUST to enter this contest and it took me a billion years because I’m mobile. Also, because I run the fan twitter for Sara at teampaxton_ .

  • It’s hard to choose a favorite film of his. I absolutely loved the Roost. It was the first film I had seen of his and really enjoyed the atmosphere he created. Something we don’t see often in horror films these days. I, also dig the music. Be talk about Mr. West being a “slow burn” director, but Jeff Grace is gotta be somewhat responsible for me loving ti’s movies so much.

    Also, I think I deserve to win because I am a huge Ti West fan, I read bloody-disgusting everyday, I love vinyl records (and it just so happens its a vinyl record style case), I would give it the 5 star treatment and build it it’s own special shelf, overlooking all my other films.

  • Keegsta

    My favorite Ti West film is easily The House Of The Devil. I love the incredible atmosphere Ti was able to create in that film. It looks and breathes like an 80s film. And I love every minute of it. I should win this because I love horror movies and I would be so stoked to win this specific contest!

  • stephen derose

    My favorite Ti West film would have to be “The house of the Devil”. Perfectly shot and incredible pacing to boot this film is among if not the best horror film of the last ten years.

  • My favorite Ti West movie is Cabin Fever 2. So much more interesting than the first Cabin Fever! I really look forward to seeing the Innkeepers. I grew up very close to Holyoke Massachusetts Yankee Pedlar Inn and that place always gave me the creeps! It would be great to see the creeps I had pay off here in this contest!

  • greedgiver

    I’m going to have to go with Trigger Man. As a hunter it’s one of the most terrifying movies I’ve seen.

  • NaturalB0rnKilr

    “House of the Devil” is by far my favorite Ti West film. The 80’s throwback, the cinematography, the fantastic lead, the soundtrack, man I could go on forever. When my brother and I popped this movie in, we both were in awe by the end of the film. It’s rare that a horror director nowadays produces such a well rounded movie that ultimately builds up so amazingly well. This is one of those movies that has you talking about the end for days and I still find myself on a regular basis reaching to pop this into my blu-ray player.

    As for the prize, however, I feel like I deserve it for being a sheer horror fan. My brother and I have been fans of the genre since we were 8 or 9 and we have since then grown up searching and finding great horror films to share with each other. Furthermore, Ti West is without a doubt my new favorite horror director. Absolutely anything he puts his hands on has never left me disappointed and “The Innkeepers” is no exception. I also would love nothing more to set this rare item on my top shelf to remind all my friends that Ti West is one hell of a horror director that everyone needs to be watching for. Now, if I could only get my hands on V/H/S…

  • ckbuttermann

    My favorite Ti West film has been House of the Devil but Innkeepers gave it a run for its money. HOTD is still my favorite by a hair because of drifting, building tension that comes from the way the film is directed. It would be easy to go bananas with tricks and all manner of fast editing to throw the viewer off kilter but instead it is a matter of what is on screen that does the job. I loved how this was used in Innkeepers which allowed the hotel itself to become a character. Those hallways are just beyond creepy and don’t need film tricks when done right and with both HOTD and Innkeepers, Ti West has done a grand job.

    I deserve to win because I (like many around here, I assume) championed HOTD to non horror folks over the years and have shown it in my home many a time. It is one thing to be a fan but another to get other people involved and I figure with about the most fancy, neat and special copy of Innkeepers around, I’ll definitely be able to keep up the fan building in my little corner of the world. Either way, thanks for having such cool contests – keep it up.

  • macpunk22

    I love “House of the Devil” the best because it had such a fantastic cast of actresses. Seeing Dee Wallace in the first scene was a great throwback. I deserve to win “Innkeepers” because I will be a proud papa for the blueray and share it with my friends.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • macpunk22

    I like “The House of the Devil Best” because it cast such interesting actresses. I deserve to win the limited “Innkeepers” bluray because I will be a proud papa and share it with all my friends. Thank you for your consideration.

  • FleshofCaligula

    House of the Devil was a great film, because it brought you back to the times of 80’s when horror films were about scares, and not the same old cheap cheesy CGI deaths, like many films are these days. It was real horror, and not the fake PG-13 horror many teens today call “scary” the atmosphere in the film just built tension, and when it wanted to be violent it was. It wasn’t violence just for the sake of violence. I deserve to win The Inkeepers because it looks like another solid film by TI, who is a rising horror director, and this will look nice with my collection of DVD’s.

  • The House of The Devil is by far my favorite Ti West film, and one of my favorite horror films of all time. Ti is also my favorite young director, I was at the premieres of The Innkeepers and V/H/S and even though I’ve had several conversations with him, he’s still the only director that I get completely starstruck by.

  • tehhippy

    Have to go with Innkeepers on this one. The humor and pacing push it just over HotD, although I prefer the overall plot and aesthetic of House more than Innkeepers. That said, the charm of the two leads in Innkeepers is fantastic. Tough to choose, but really want that Gatefold added to my Ti West collection – would look great next to my signed HotD VHS.

  • whoa-a-zombie

    The House of the Devil is not only a fun and loving ode to the golden age of horror, but it is an expertly crafted film as well. Gradually building suspense to an explosive finale, Ti West showed the non-horror world that the genre could be taken seriously again and he treated his audience withe respect by assuming they were intelligent enough to see what he was getting at.

  • purplek

    It’s a tough call man. It depends on what kind of mood I’m in. The house of the Devil has that awesome slow moving build up with the visuals that are like the old films I LOVE! haha It was so cool man, but on the other hand Cabin Fever 2 delivered the gore and gross outs like few other films have haha I’m all about that too! But I have to go with the house of the devil. I think it was a really fresh idea about the babysitter/house sitter idea. I don’t think I deserve to win, because I didn’t really do anything for it, but it would be sick as hell if I did. I’ll list some reasons why… First off, because I live on base I don’t have a way to watch TV or anything, so my entertainment is basically just movie watching. Luckily I’m one of those people that can watch the same thing over and over. Another thing is, my income is pretty small haha so any way to save a little bit would be legit.

  • Raymond Sicoli

    House Of The Devil. I think I deserve to win because Pat Healy would want it that way.

  • A-Devils-Reject

    My favorite Ti West film is House of the Devil because it’s a nice throwback to old horror. If you didn’t know, you’d probably guess it was made in the 80’s. And I think I deserve to win this because I won the contest for “The Woman” scavenger hunt and never received my prize so I would like to win something and be sent the prize.

  • BornVillian

    Im going to go with Cabin Fever 2. I loved the original so much and felt like it was a good stand alone movie. When I heard a second part was being made I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but I loved it too. I would like to win just cause it’d be a nice addition to my ever growing collection of movies and signed memorabilia.

  • staindFAN

    My favorite film from Ti West would be between House of the Devil and The Innkeepers. If I have to choose one though, it would be House of the Devil. I love the way he had gave it the 80’s vibe and look to it. From settings and wardrobe down to the music. The slow pacing may have turned some people off but I actually really dug it. The cast was awesome as well. Jocelin Donahue, Tom Noonan, AJ Bowen and Greta Gerwig were excellent. I own it on Bluray and DVD and have watched it multiple times, I love it. The reason I deserve to win is because well frankly, I never win anything! I have entered countless contests here on BD and have come up empty handed every time. I have been a member for 7 years now, show some love! Im into going to conventions and collecting autographs and if I never got a chance to meet Ti West and get his signature, well winning the signed Gatefold would be the next best thing. I would be ecstatic to add this to my collection of horror items!

  • My favorite Ti West film so far would be the Innkeepers with House of the Devil in close second. I saw the Innkeepers at the Hollywood theater in Pittsburgh and was totally blown away. I couldn’t stop talking about The Innkeepers after I saw it and now that the Blu Ray is coming out I am telling all my friends that they have to watch it. The movie was slow and gave a lot time to feel the creepiness of the hotel and build up the characters before the real horror kicks in. The build up to the ending of the movie was done so perfect and the atmosphere was just incredible. The Inkeepers is one of those rare horror movies that is very scary and effective by using pure atmosphere and suspense. If I have to give a description on why I think I deserve this I guess it would be because I am always searching for all kinds of editions of movies for my horror collection, which I then try and share with every one else I can. I would love to win and be able to show everyone how amazing this movie is. Long Live The Horror!

  • dvdbob

    The style, mood, atmosphere and build-up in ‘The House of the Devil’ was AMAZING. The scene that just blew me away was the one in which Samantha is listening to “One Thing Leads To Another” on her walkman while dancing around the house and playing pool. We just don’t see many directors attempt a scene like that – especially with that much creativity (i.e. when she opens a door we only hear the walkman in the background and then it switches back to her pint of view after she closes the door. Loved it!

  • djhalf

    House of the Devil. It embodies 80s horror so well that if you didn’t tell someone it had been made recently, they would have thought it had been made them. I loved the pace of it, which is why I also liked Innkeepers – although that film had much more dialog. I am addicted to collecting DVDs and as someone with an addictive personality, I found the best way to cure my addiction is to feed it. In other words, be an enabler…Seriously, I won’t be mad if I won this DVD.

  • alan patten

    Favorite film? It’s close, but I’ll go with the Innkeepers. Great acting, atmosphere and chills. The ghost in the bed made me jump out of my skin! Plus I find ghosts scarier than devil worshipers. House of the Devil is a great flick, though. I should win this because I’ve stayed overnight at the real Yankee Pedlar in Torrington and lived to tell of it.

  • Zjmadman

    House of the devil by far! It was slow, tense, and you had no idea what was really going on until the climax. Plus the twist ending was expertly thought of! I deserve to win this because i never win anything.

  • de4d5y


  • de4d5y

    My favorite Ti West film is the House of the Devil. Perfect throwback to all the great horror movies of the 70s and 80s. The movie just builds and builds the whole way through, and the last 15 minutes or so is just insane.

  • FrankFontaine19

    The Innkeepers is my favorite Ti West film so far. It’s a great slow-burn with interesting characters.

  • Scott Witt

    House of the Devil, restrained and all about the atmosphere. And I deserve to win because I may be the only person to never have used the term “slow burn” when describing that movie.

  • babygurlx

    House of the Devil ruled, with its typical 1980’s horror film feel to it, I love how easily Ti West avoids giving his story away right off the bat. As with the Innkeepers, we never see an actual ghost which ultimately lets our minds wonder, which for me is awesome. Cabin Fever with its satirical aspects. It’s hard for me to choose! But I think I deserve to win because I need something as cool as this to flaunt around and also because I made a profile on this website JUST to comment on this post.

  • Saxton

    Greta Gerwig thinks that “House of the Devil” is her favorite Ti West film, and I would have to agree.

  • Tatiana

    Mine is House of the Devil but The Innkeepers comes in a close second. House of the Devil was a great film and a fun throwback!

    I should win because it’s my 18th birthday this friday and it would be an awesome gift, don’t you think?

  • Perfect_Organism

    I enjoyed House Of The Devil. It reminds me of the horror movies from when I was a kid in the 70’s and 80’s. The director’s commentary was thoughtful and smart. I don’t know if I deserve to win but I’m a life-long horror fan for as long as I can remember. Seeing Alien in the theater at a young age with my dad is one of my favorite memories.

  • 45-Dave

    It’s almost a tie between The Innkeepers and House of the Devil…but I’d say I dug The Innkeepers more. Love the classic ghost story with the great character development. What a creepy ending! Can’t wait to see this again.

  • Jessica

    As much as I enjoy house of the devil, cabin fever 2 is my favorite. I really enjoyed the laughs, just as much as the scares and I love it when a movie can pull off both. I think cabin fever 2 pulled it off very well and I honestly didn’t go into the movie with very high expectations, but I was definitely very pleasantly surprised and loved every second! I think I would deserve to win because I’ve been a horror fan since I was a young’n and I definitely love collecting rare and collectible horror things!

  • jaimajaima

    definitely house of the devil. huge sucker for 80s genre films. (and 70s for that matter). ti’s the fuckin man.

  • jhanka

    My favorite Ti West film is House of the Devil. i think its one of the best horror films in recent years and i love everything about the aesthetic of the film. The 80’s setting, the slow brooding shots that are reminiscent of early Polanksi, and the VHS packaging they did for the home release all made me fall in love with the film. If i find out a friend hasn’t seen it I usually sit them down and make sure they do. oh and i should win because I’m a big fan of Ti West’s work.

  • robotxul

    House of the devil was great. a modern take on the oldschool, loved the cast, the mood was nice and dark.with all the crapfests and remakes out there its nice to see some original ideas. as a lifelong genre fan I look forward to more from directors like ti and welcome these cool items into my collection of horrors which I proudly display in my bloody disgusting abode. Hail

  • evansweet1214

    My favorite Ti West film is Trigger Man. It has a very different atmosphere than any film I’ve ever seen, and still holds up as one of the most unique movie experiences I’ve ever encountered. I had no idea what was going to happen in the film, and was literally frozen throughout all of it. I also adore the whole ending. I deserve to win because Ti West is a huge inspiration to me, and I would love to add The Innkeepers to my collection of his films.

  • muggsy22222

    cabin fever 2, my favorite ti west film because “The water here is bullshit!” such an unbelievably satisfying sequel to a movie that should have had no sequel. i should win because when i speak about reading something on bloody disgusting, and receive those appalled looks from the lesser learned, i don’t bother explaining the website’s function.

  • I’d have to say my favorite is The Innkeepers. House Of The Devil is a very, very, close second. My third favorite would be Cabin Fever 2, even though West doesn’t like being associated with it. I still thought it was a pretty good film. I hope to win because I love all of Ti West’s films thus far, and I love Bloody Disgusting!!!!!

  • Blakkake

    House of the Devil. It had a fucking amazing soundtrack and had me sooo scared that I had to turn on my bedroom light halfway through. My girlfriend just cheated on me, and now trucks fuel pump went out, close to $2000.00 of work to get my truck running in cold Wyoming. My ex always hated my horror love of horror movies, this win would mean the world to me on my road to recovery!

  • skullz3181

    My favorite Ti West film would be House of the Devil. I had originally rented it off of cable not knowing one thing about it and I loved it from the beginning credits. The fact that the film had a similar 80’s/70’s grind-house theme is just what made the film and after watching Babysitter Wanted (Not by Ti West) I wasn’t really sure if it was going to be anything like that film. I was pleased that it wasn’t, instead it’s a generally creepy/suspenseful horror film that is done in all the right ways. 🙂

  • Dr_Loomis

    I love House of the Devil.

  • Jeffrey Peterson

    Favorite Ti West film: “House of the Devil” because it totally nails the ’80s horror vibe in a way no other modern film does. An instant classic. And Jocelyn Donahue and Tom Noonan are pretty great in it. As for why I deserve to win…. well, winning internet contests and this website are the only things that bring me joy in this world.

  • Amovieguy14

    My favorite Ti West film is “The House of the Devil” The reason why because, it a love letter to the horror films from the 70’s. Mr. West made a movie that look, thinks, feels, sounds and even quack like a film from that time. This is a movie made by someone who really loves the genre. I think Ti West will have a bright future in filmmaking. I think I deserve to win because, I never seen “The Innkeepers” yet. I hear many great reviews from people about and make me more excited to check it out.

  • Jon Van Dyke

    I would have to say it is a toss up between The Roost and Trigger Man for my favorite Ti West film. Both show incredible creativity and imagination especially from a technical aspect. Mr. West consistently shows that one does not need to rely on money to solve every problem, but instead one can rely on creative, interesting and seemingly low tech fixes that make the film better, not more expensive. I am very interested to see what he will do as his budgets start to rise. Very exciting and interesting film maker for sure. Of course I deserve to win…especially the gatefold dvd:) because I am a collector of not only great low budget films, but also of Ti West films in general [which it could be said that all of his films so far fall under the great low budget film label] and would love to add this one to my collection. I also collect film posters and consider the one sheet image for this film to be one of the most striking and visually interesting film posters out right now. Thanks

  • rawrockkillzme

    It has to be between The Roost and The House of the Devil. I love the 80’s setting and the creepy atmosphere they had. I also loved the pacing of them both, what also suprised me was the scenes that kept me guessing and guessing. I loved it. Also I love The Innkeepers and I’ve never won a contest before. So that would be awesome. Thank You.

  • misfit61104

    The Roost would have to be my favorite. Its too hard to pick just one with all the tasty choices.

  • Jazsekuh

    House of the Devil has to be my favorite. Great mix of classic 70’s/80’s horror given it’s own touch to make it stand out. Loved the Innkeepers and it looks like I’m with a bunch of others who never gets to win anything. Thanks and good luck to all!

  • SWF

    Favorite Ti West flick? THE ROOST. Why? Because it’s an interesting take on vampires, disguised as a nature run amok flick. Thought it was that, until I actually had the DVD in hand, and read the back. Nice twist. Why should I win? Because I’m broke as all hell this year. Can’t afford anything.

  • TheHorrorGuru

    THE INNKEEPERS because I found it struck the most perfect balance of character, build up and scares out of all Ti West’s work. I’d like to win because I’m a rather big fan of West’s work, and I would love to have something related to my favorite flick of his signed by him. =)

  • blackestrose13

    My favorite Ti West film so far is The Inn Keepers. I also loved his film House of the Devil. I watch it often actually. And now that The Inn Keepers is out I am sure I will be watching it often as well. I live in Torrington, CT and pass the Yankee Pedlar often. I saw the one of the only 2 showings in CT at the Warner. I loved it! And it was amazing seeing one of his films on the big screen, especially at the Warner and i feel so lucky to have even gotten to go to the 2nd show, since the first show sold out so fast. I love the atmosphere of his films and the building of characters and story that is rare in horror today. And obviously it’s a special location to me since its in my hometown! I particularly love ghost stories so I’m really glad he made this film! I love everything about this movie. It was so creepy and the characters were great and so quirky. My favorite part was the bride though. I’m a sucker for ghosts hahah! I deserve to win this because I am a huge Ti Fan, since I found House of the Devil it’s my favorite of his films, and I am a Torrington Resident, and went to one of the only 2 showings in all of CT. And I’m a lifelong horror fan! So I really really want it! hahah!!

  • Shane McCauley

    The House Of The Devil.
    Reasons why.
    Awesome 80’s actors.
    Really dark scenes cut with humor/shock.
    Plus a classic idea not done for awhile in film called “Build up”
    Why I should win?
    Cause I will actually watch the movie(which I really dig!) and not put it on my shelf to collect dust.

  • Caleb McCandless

    House of the Devil is my favorite Ti West film so far. Love the 80s style and atmosphere! I really want to win this because I got to screen it on 35mm at my school, and want to be able to introduce more people to it!

  • Adam Roberts

    I love Innkeepers the most. Why? If you’ve seen it you will know how great atmosphere and characters it has. For a while you forget you are watching a horror film which allows the settings to really sink in and then when shit really starts getting crazy it truly has an impact. Love the film! Hope to add this gorgeous set to my collection.

  • pumkinheadfan

    Man this is a tough question? I’d have to go with House of the Devil(like many others did). I really liked the film’s atmosphere as well as the build up to the film’s Climatic ending. I also really liked Cabin Fever 2, but I just can’t get behind the film as a Ti West fan. Maybe if they let Ti West do a director’s cut of the film some day so we could see how his version of the film would have been. Then I might change my mind, but until then I’m going to stick with House of the Devil. On to the subject of why I would like to win this contest. The answer would be because I regrettably missed the chance to see The Innkeepers in the theater with Ti West in attendance(he did a Q+A afterwords) and winning this contest would really make up for that missed opportunity.

  • theshape31

    The Innkeepers is, by far, my favorite Ti West movie. the atmosphere, dialog, character, plot, comedy, and suspense are all so much more refined than in his previous films. The way everything leads into the end is very well done. I’m glad I was able to watch this On Demand in HD when it was first released.

    I hope to win because things have been tough lately and I could really use a bit of good luck.

  • Shane Storm

    House of the Devil is my favorite Ti West movie. I found it on Netflix, and I actually thought it was an 80s movie I just missed growing up. Even when I was watching it, I thought, “How did I miss this awesome movie?”

    I figured it out when I saw Tom Noonan, and I’ve been a huge West fan since.

    I haven’t seen Innkeepers yet, so I’d love to win a copy. Either way, I’m super excited and I’ll be watching it soon.

  • Ray Thillemann

    A most difficult proposition here to name my favorite Ti West film as he really is one the best new school American Horror directors but I will have to go with Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever as it is a seriously underrated film. Everything in the film is pitch perfect from the gore, humor, performances, it really has anything you could ask for in a horror film. I liken it to a new school Evil Dead 2. As for why I should win I am honestly pretty bad at this type of stuff, I am a huge horror and West fan and that would be the centerpiece of my collection but if it is to be it is, if not, then it is not. Also would like to quick plug my horror site that I am getting off the ground: Check it out gore hounds.

  • Davin

    Cabin Fever 2, cause the wiener shot was super sick; I should win cause I rock and those other bitches suck.

  • Horror-Chase

    House of the Devil is my favorite movie by him. The movie is one of my favorites. The pace of the movie was brilliant and makes the movie very suspenseful. It was a great throw back to the 70’s genre and the acting was very solid. I should win because Ti West is one of my favorite up and coming genre directors and absolutely love House of the Devil and like his other movies and have been dying to see this one.

  • Josh

    The Innkeepers is my favorite, partially because I knew nothing about it once I finally saw it. The workplace humor/buddy comedy aspect lulled you into thinking it was going to be a fun diversion of a “horror” movie (emphasis on the quotations). Once it kicks into gear, however, the impact is significant because you didn’t foresee it actually becoming so dark. Plus, Sara Paxton and Pat Healy had great chemistry; they were never not fun hang around.

    I don’t know why I deserve to win. If I do, awesome. If not, enjoy that bitchin’ gatefold.

  • cccwrites

    The Innkeepers is definitely my favorite! The House of the Devil is a close second, though. And I think I deserve to win because… I am a huge supporter of it! I rented it on demand the minute it became available.

  • Nick-Everhart

    My favorite Ti West movie is The House of the Devil. Innkeepers is a close second. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Randall89

    The House of the Devil. Loved the tension and the old school feel of the film. I deserve to win because it will have a special place in my movie collection.

  • Dr.-Re-Animator

    Gotta be House of the Devil. It has been a long damn while since I watched a film that got an era down so well and was able to vibe to it in so many ways. While I felt the film kinda fell flat a bit towards the end due to the awesome 80’s wearing a bit thin, I couldn’t help but soak up the wonderful atmosphere it had going for it. Ti West has talent and definitely understands the genre and knows what horror fiends like myself are looking for. Plus the fact it was released on VHS was just fucking badass. The nostalgia factor was on full blast and worked wonders in their favor.

    The Innkeepers looks to keep the same type of dedication and well in the genre and from what I’ve seen I expect great things out of it. It’s an old fashioned ghost story and a great looking one at that.

    As for deserving to win, that would be nice, but I’m not one to beg. I’m a huge horror fan I always love to see new films and add them to my ever expanding collection. Appreciate the time from you all reading this. Best of luck to everyone who entered.

  • Joe

    My favorite would be House of the Devil because it was just so different. I would really like to win because I’m going to be a long term fan of this film for years to come. I rented it on dvd and went out to get the Blu-ray the very next day and still watch it to this day.I search for new info on this film on the net all the time. I even went to the hidden website they talked about on the blu ray.

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