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Three Moldy, Gory and Exclusive ‘MOLD!’ Clips

Careful where you put your hands! There’s 3 nasty, exclusive clips of MOLD! down below. Directed by Neil Meschino, starring Edward X Young (Sea of Dust), and set in 1984, this horror/scifi/comedy concerns a strain of mold developed by the government to wipe out Colombian coca fields. During a live demonstration, the mold suspiciously escapes containment and proves to be deadly to more than just vegetation, effectively putrefying its victims from the inside out. Trapped in their own facility, the remaining survivors must find a way to contain the spreading mold before it can threaten the outside world. They soon learn this was no accident. Help is not coming and escape is not in the cards.

Recently making a festival run on the east coast, MOLD! is looking to hit the streets and start spreading sometime in 2011. Check back in a few days for a review.



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