Get Stung By ‘The Loved Ones’ Hi-Res Image Gallery!

  • purplek

    It’s retarded how long we’ve had to wait for this… I can’t wait to see it.

  • Aaron Emery

    It’s really an excellent film, I’m not sure why it has been held back for so long.

  • Accident-with-power-tools

    Great film, if your in US make sure you catch it, if your in uk keep your eye on Film4 they have shwn this 3 times at his year already, and it’s great

  • Se_7_eN

    I can’t be the only one who thought this movie blew asshole…?

  • saft-und-kraft

    yes it did blow to a certain extent. i thought it was well made but just didn’t like how easy these crazy characters get away with the same shit every movie. pretty brutal. a one time watch for me like all other films that follow the exact same story. very hostel-ish sometimes. honestly, that goth chick was the only reason i watched the whole film, lol.

  • Nothing333

    Seriously, everytime i see an update on this film i’m like..really. Still not out. I’m pretty sure I watched this years ago. Se_7_eN you are not alone. It was pretty predictable and broke no new ground. It wasn’t atrocious but it seems a bit over rated by the general horror community.